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New Google Nexus 7 to feature 4GB RAM, Should Be Confirmed at Google’s July 24 Event

A new edition of Google Nexus 7 is in the works and new info is emerging daily and we get a peak at the future Google tablet specs and hardware. Now it seems like someone spotted the back sticker that’s glued to the device and it seems like the DDR3LM is listed under the Memory section.

That might mean that the new Nexus 7 tablet will feature 4GB RAM. The sticker shows the DDR3LM 1600 256M*16, which translated means 16 modules of 256MB DDR3 that totals 4GB. If the new Google tablet comes with this amount of RAM, it will become the first Android device with this kind of power. It remains to be seen if this will be true and we will most probably find out more about it when Google will present the device at their next event on July 24.

Other specs that we’ve spotted are the 32GB storage space and the 3950 mAh battery. New Google Nexus 7 is build by ASUS and it seems like this will be the trend for the next year, device with 4GB RAM. This will force other manufacturers to start implementing better hardware in Android devices.

There aren’t any other news on any other hardware or specs, but all will be much more clear after the next week release. Hopefully, we will get a better CPU and specs than we did on the previous Nexus 7 model. There is no official word on its pricing, but it shouldn’t be any different than the current prices listed for the already-available Nexus 7 tablet. The display should stay the same size and the design hasn’t been changed either.

Here you can view the leaked video showing the new Nexus 7 device. Since the event is not that far away, next week should a great one for Android enthusiasts, as we will get a brand new tablet along with the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS release. Leave your opinions in our comments field and try to guess what other specs will feature the new Google Nexus 7 tablet.



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