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New HTC Thunderbolt Update Announced, Android Jelly Been Still Not Available

Even though the HTC Thunderbolt was released sometime at the beginning of 2011, it’s still a popular smartphone and that’s probably HTC and Verizon have prepared another software update for it. I don’t know exactly how many Thunderbird users are still out there, but for those individuals we have some pretty good news. Your device will receive another firmware upgrade that will take care of some of the remaining bugs. I ¬†know, the really good news would have been if the carrier would have released the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but an upgrade is always useful even if it isn’t the desired one.

Of course, Verizon has posted all the details about the update on it official support page. We don’t know when the software update will be available for download yet, but it usually becomes available shortly after the official announcement, maybe a day or two. The downloadable content is not so impressive when it comes to size, having only 19 MB.

When it was launched, the HTC Thunderbird was expected to be a great success as it was the first smartphone offered by Verizon with LTE capabilities. However, the phone has become less and less appealing since then. Its users have waited a long time for a software update, which finally was pushed in February which brought the device Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The HTC Thunderbird users were obviously frustrated as most HTC handset were updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, except for theirs. They still have to wait a while longer, because the current update does fix some issues, but it definitely isn’t upgrading the operation system to Android Jelly Bean.

The HTC Thunderbolt update is labeled version¬†7.02.605.10 and it’s supposed to improve features like text messaging, HTC Watch, microphone, Microsoft Exchange support and amber alerts.

In case you have installed the update on your HTC Thunderbird, do tell us about it in the comment section below.

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