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New Mugen 5400mAh extended battery for the AT&T Galaxy Note released

Mugen extended battery for Galaxy Note

Mugen Power is a Hong-Kong based company that creates enhanced batteries for various smartphones and other devices. Now, they’ve managed to create a 5400 mAh extended battery for the AT&T Galaxy Note device.

The stock battery of Galaxy Note comes normally with 2500mAh capacity and Mugen now did manage to create an extended version of the stock battery. As you know, the Galaxy Note is a monster eating battery that drains it entirely in under two days and this new extended battery that should give it a little extra life that will offer it a couple of extra days of battery autonomy. A not so great feature of this monster Mugen battery is the fact that it is huge and it will make the phone even more massive than it already is.

This new batter can be purchased from Mugen’s website at a cost of $100. This new battery comes with another back lid that has another form so that the new ‘monster gadget’ will fit into your Galaxy Note. Those of you who wish to purchase this battery should head to Mugen’s website where you will find this device, here’s the link.

If you decide to buy this device and you do get your hands on it then you should come back to our website and tell us if it fits in your pockets or, at least, tells us for how long did a charge session last for. If you have any other tips, tricks or any other new gadgets for Galaxy Note then you should let us know by posting in the comments section.

Mugen 5400mAh Extended Battery For AT&T Galaxy Note Gives New Meaning To The Word “Power Brick”