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New Nokia X Photos Emerge, Tile-based UI Confirmed

We are very confident that on Monday, at Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, the folks at Nokia will officially unveil their first Android-powered smartphone, the Nokia X. So far, the reports have pictured an almost complete image of the Nokia X, as we’ve seen leaked specs, press renders, and even Nokia teasers for the device.

New alleged photos of the budget Nokia smartphone have hit the web, giving us a better look at the smartphone’s user interface.

The smartphone you can see in the pictures below shows the same tile-based UI we have seen in previous leaks. There’s no doubt that the interface looks a lot like Microsoft’s Windows Phone, but there’s another detail that strikes us as unusual.

As you can see there’s no sign of Google’s apps and services, which might be a confirmation for the rumors saying that Nokia X will not be a Google certified device. This means that the Finland-based phone maker will replace the Gapps package with their own and Microsoft’s apps and services. Therefore you should expect the device to arrive with Nokia HERE maps instead of Google Maps, a third-party browser instead of Chrome, and a Nokia-controlled app Store (think Samsung app store for the Galaxy smartphones and tablets).

If the rumors prove true the Nokia X will be a budget smartphone whose main competitor will be Motorola’s Moto G. According to the latest reports, X might feature a 4-inch screen of unknown resolution, 512 MB of RAM, quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU, 4 GB storage, microSD, 1,500 mAh battery, and 5 MP primary camera.

The big question is whether the folks at Nokia will be able to match the low price of the Moto G. Would you consider the Nokia X as your next budget smartphone given that it won’t come Google Play Store support.