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New Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 OTA Update Now Being Pushed to T-Mobile Users

If you happen to own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 you should keep an eye on the notification bar as a system update may be pending. The US carrier officially revealed that they are rolling out a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 update starting today.

Because the usual KitKat treats such as transparent status bar, immersive mode, cloud printing, full screen album art in the lock screen, new Location menu, white status bar icons, or color emoji support were patched in the previous Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 updates, the new firmware update only arrives with minor changes. According to the changelog posted on T-Mobile’s support page, the new update brings network improvements and enables VoLTE. VoLTE is T-Mobile’s Voice Over LTE which improves voice quality and brings faster call connection time.

As usual, the new Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 update is being rolled out in phases, which means that some of you might not be able to download and install it right away. Once your Note 3 will become eligible to receive the new firmware, you should be able to see a system update message in the notifications bar. Tap on it, then follow the on-screen instructions. In case the system update notification failed to show up, you would also want to perform a manual check under Settings > More > System manager > About device > Software update > Check for software updates. Alternatively, you can grab the USB cable, connect the smartphone to the PC, then check for the update via KIES.

T-Mobile informs that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4.2 update has software version N900TUVUDNF4 and that its size may vary depending on the software version currently running on your device. The update file can have either 25.79 MB or 188.00 MB, therefore it’s recommended to use a stable WiFi connection while downloading it in order to avoid unwanted data charges.

Have you guys received the new OTA update? Please let us know in comments. If you don’t want to wait until T-Mobile pushes the new firmware for your device, then you can choose to follow the instructions listed in our ‘how-to’ guide here. Note that you should use the guide only if you’re an advanced Android user.

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  • Greg B

    I got my update this morning, about 3 hours ago but ever since I’ve done it I’ve had issues with sending texts from what i can tell, the network bars are full and everything else works alright but texts take sometimes up to 20 mins to send i’m pretty sure it was the update because before i did the update texts were sending fine.

  • Ucrazy129

    Got it this morning, no problems. My wife’s S5 also received an update today.

  • koolbreez

    i received the update earlier this morning as well….haven’t really noticed any changes to my phone since the update….will give it time and i’ll be back to update

  • Bill H.

    Look at the T-Mobile Note 3 Support Community page. It’s filled with people dealing with issues!

  • jgarcia

    No problems updated yesterday

  • joseph anokye

    No problem update now

  • Oliver Jackson

    Update I got Thrusday, and it gave me Download Booster,Kids Mode,and VoLTE as well as Knox. Notification for GPS now is Location.And the notifications like for WiFi calling is white but happy for getting VoLTE in Miami.

  • Rob L

    Did my update and see way increased battery life…was draining quite a bit with the previous update to kitkat.

  • Amanda Feguson

    those guys at XDA got kit kat on the sm-t210r so if you have this device go grab it because samsung isnt releasing it for 5 more months

  • nick in ATL

    I’ve had mine for close to a week. Didn’t notice a change.

  • jshus

    We Verizon Note3 users have in many cases had TERRIBLE issues with 4.4.2!! Weaker signal strength, leading to No Signal in fringe areas, worse battery life, worse wifi… I managed to get a Warranty replacement with the original 4.3 installed and I won’t let it upgrade to Kitkat until Verizon releases a usable OS perhaps 4.4.3. Be Careful here! You might wait to upgrade til LOTS of reports come in proving that TMobile has done it right, where Verizon has somehow failed, which is how I got a warranty replacement from a sympathetic Samsung rep who knows the score on this one.

  • nich

    I’m really excited about the Samsung Note 4 coming out, especially after all the articles I’ve read about the features it’s going to have. There is this site called RecomHub that compares all the buyback companies and shows you what price they will give you when you sell. It’s kind of like Expedia but for selling electronic gadgets. I found it to be a lot easier than searching 12-13 different sites for the best offer.

  • MarcusDW

    Yet another update for the Note 3 while my Note 2 is over a month behind Sprint, VZW, and ATT getting Kitkat…

  • Rahman Shaukat

    voice quality got worst after the update,

  • Dats

    Just received it now at 3:30 local mdt

  • James T

    I got my update earlier this week. I haven’t noticed any issues yet. I did notice a few new apps that were added and a new icon in the notification bar. Not sure what it is though.

  • Ronda Heaton

    The update is messed up ever since mine did phone dies at least once a day if not on charge 90% of the time I hate it

  • Dan

    Did my update 10 hours ago… WiFi disconnects every 10s and battery drains like there’s no tomorrow (already charged the phone twice) 🙁 🙁