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New Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Reveals 5.25-inch Screen and Aluminium Body

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date only a few months away, the tech blogs and enthusiasts as well are starting to chat about Samsung’s 2014 flagship smartphone. In the meantime we get to look at a pretty interesting Samsung Galaxy S5 concept that features a 5.25-inch display and faux-leather back, reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 3.

Some of Samsung’s patents leaked on the web about a week ago and now they serve as inspiration for the enthusiasts. Designer Ivo Maric is one of them and he was able to render the Samsung Galaxy S5 in his own vision, but, of course, inspired by Samsung’s patents. The Galaxy S5 imagined by Maric has the same size as the Galaxy S4, but accommodates a slightly larger display as the bezels are now thinner.

You probably know that it was rumored that there will be two Galaxy S5 body variants: one made of aluminium, and one made of plastic. Well Maric’s concept has the best of both worlds. The Samsung Galaxy S5 pictured below comes with an aluminium casing, but it also has a faux-leather back lid, which also gives you access to a removable battery. In Ivo Maric’s imagination, the next-gen Samsung flagship will not come with a Home button.

As I was mentioning above, the Samsung Galaxy S5 concept rendering is based on Samsung’s leaked patent fillings and the chances for the real smartphone to look like this are really low.

The latest reports in the business are indicating the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date has been set for February and that the terminal will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2014. Furthermore Samsung’s executive Dong-hoon Chang said that the Korea-based phone maker will launch a new flagship smartphone next month. As I know Samsung, they will want to unveil the Galaxy S5 during a separate event, just like it happened to the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4.

As usual, Samsung didn’t provided any concrete information about the upcoming Galaxy S5, but this din’t stop the rumor mill from speculating. It was reported that the terminal might come with a 2,560 x 1,440 display, along with iris scanner, and octo-core Exynos  processor with 64-bit architecture.

Sources in the industry also suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come with a 16 MP ISOCELL primary camera and 4 MP user-facing shooter, along with 3 GB RAM, longer battery life and Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

What are your expectations for the next flagship smartphone developed by the South Korean phone maker? Are you looking forward towards any particular hardware specifications? What about some new software features that you believe will be useful? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept

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