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New Samsung Patent Hints about Flexible Displays and eBooks

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently published two Samsung patent applications regarding two new and interesting technologies that will be probably used by the South Korean company inside its future devices. We are talking about flexible displays and e-books, and, by far, the most interesting one is about the bendable screens.

The official documents are also mentioning about an image correcting system, while bending the flexible display panel. The second patent, which seems less important, is only referring to the virtual page turning effect in eBooks. The official patent filling is also mentioning that there will be a special sensor that will receive information about the level of display bending, which will correct the image, viewing angle, and displaying information based on the bending angle.

The Samsung patent also mentions that the flexible display terminal can be bent bot concave or convex. The controller will allow the user to zoom in and zoom out from an image displayed on the screen, even though when the touch panel is bent.

The touch display involves a dual layer system based on Indium Tin Oxide panels.

Passing over the wooden language of the lawyers/engineers, the main idea is that the fans of the South Korean technology will be pleasantly surprised in the near future. LG will have the first flexible terminals ready by this fall, while Samsung is also ready for an evolution in the business.