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New Sony Xperia SP Pictures Leaked

The first leaked photo of the Sony C530X appeared a while ago. The device is codenamed HuaShan and rumor has it that it will be launched under the name Xperia SP. The handset is actually a mid-range smartphone that can be compared with the Xperia Z. According to some reports, the Sony Xperia SP will come packing a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Plus cprocessor, 1GB of RAM and a display with a 720p resolution and that measures 4.5 inches.

Yesterday, another photo featuring the Xperia SP appeared on the internet, only this time the image features the device next to an Xperia V. Whoever took the photo wanted to compare the two smartphones somehow. ┬áIn terms of software there isn’t much of a difference as the Xperia V is now running the latest firmware rolled out by Sony, Android Jelly Bean. A noticeable difference is when we talk about the size of the two devices. Also, you can notice that design cues such as the power button and the earpiece differ.

The images were spotted on Android Hilfe, a German website, and the guy who posted them claims the Xperia SP runs Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Also, he says that the handsets features removable storage, but the battery cannot be removed. As it is presented on the photo, the handset is said to be a little crash-phone, but this is somehow explainable as it is most probably running software that hasn’t reached its final version.

The release date of the Xperia SP is not mentioned anywhere, but if we look back at the past couple of years, Sony will probably announce it in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress, this month. If it does, we’ll be among the first to tell you.