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Nexus 4 Might Be Available At Telus

Telus has not been so active lately when it comes to making new Android handsets available for their customers. The Canadian carrier has only released new software upgrades for its older smartphones, which is very important as well, ┬ábut it seems that the mobile operator is about to launch one of the most popular flagship this time of the year, Google’s Nexus 4.

According to Mobile Syrup, online publication that has received information from some of its sources, suggests that after other Canadian carriers launched the Nexus 4, Telus will do the same thing soon. If this happens it would not be a surprise because the smartphone is already available at other Canadian networks such as Bell, Mobilicity, Wind and Rogers. Nevertheless, the rumor has not been officially confirmed, so we can’s really know for sure.

Still, the screenshot above the article gives us a good reason to think that Telus will soon have the Nexus 4 in stock. The image features a Telus price card called “Nexus 4”, which mentions a few details about the smartphone like that it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and it’s powered by a 1.5 Ghz quad-core processor. There is also some information about the carrier;s data plans.

Although it would have been great to know when exactly the Nexus 4 will be stocked by Telus and how much it will cost, sadly the price card doesn’t include details on that matter. However, Telus will surely provide information about the release date and price of the Nexus 4, because it has to advertise its new products after all.

When more information will be available, we will be here to let you know. Meanwhile, let’s hear it from the Telus subscribers, are you excited about the news?

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