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Nexus 4 Price Cut Off To $100 At Videotron Canada

Considering the fact that a while ago the Nexus 4 was nowhere to be found in Canada, now it’s a dream came true as the only problem that Canadians have is to decide where to buy the device from. In the long run, the best possible choice is to purchase it from Google Play Store. However, the downside is that you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks until the Nexus 4 arrives.

In case you don’t have the patience to wait that much, or you don’t have enough money, there are three other possibilities. Videotron, Fido and Wind Mobile are three Canadian carriers that have the Nexus 4 available, but all three of them ask for either an expensive contract or a premium pay upfront, so the decision is not that easy. However, you can cut one of them out of the list namely Fido, which has problems in handling the initial demand. So you’ve got Wind and Videotron.

Videotron if offering a stimulative deal to make the customers lean towards them. In other words, if you sign a contract with Videotron you will get the 16GB Nexus 4 for just $99.95. The offer is available as of today. This means that you will have the possibility to buy the handset $50 cheaper than the listing price. This is the exact same price which Wind changes for the Nexus 4.

On the other hand, Wind offers the Nexus 4 in brick and mortar stores. This means that if you are a lazy kind of person, you’ll definitely pick Videotron. But, there is still time to change you mind because there is a catch when it comes to Videotron’s offer meaning that the lower price is available only if you sign a three-year contract, while Wind’s contract lasts only 2 years. The conclusion is that you’ll end up paying a lot more if you buy the Nexus 4 from Videotron. So, the smartest choice remains Wind.