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Nexus 5 to Be a Motorola Handset, Shows New Report

Earlier today we’ve told you about a report claiming that the Nexus 5 will be developed by LG, just like it happened with its predecessor, the Nexus 4. Well, the infamous @evleaks thinks otherwise, saying that the next-gen Nexus smartphone will be a Motorola handset.

Each and every smartphone enthusiast knows about @evleaks, but if you don’t learn he has made a name for himself on the scene by leaking info and pictures of unreleased products and his reports are most of the time accurate.

This time @evleaks though it’s about time to dismiss some rumors about an alleged Nexus 5 photo that made the headlines over the past couple of days. Evan Bass claims that the “Nexus 5 [we’ve seen in leaked pictures] is probably the LG Optimus L9 II,” adding that the Nexus 5 will most likely be a Motorola handset. He also mentions about the name of Nexus 4 v2.

@evleaks’ claims check out with Tailor Wimberly’s report saying that we will see a Motorola Nexus 5 in Q4 2013. Wimberly has been pretty accurate with the Moto X rumors, thus we are tempted to believe his reports. The same source said that the Nexus 5 will be different from the Moto X Google Edition, which keeps us wondering about the smartphone’s technical specifications.

Anyway, it reports are indicating that Google plans have a Nexus 4 price point approach for the Nexus 5, too. Therefore we might see the next-gen Nexus smartphone selling through Google Play at a price starting $299.

But will the Motorola Nexus 5 cannibalize Moto X’s sales? No, it won’t as the two smartphones aim at different public segments. The Moto X will be like an iPhone of Android world, an easy to use smartphone that packs a couple of cool features, but which will be the most customizable smartphone ever in terms of design. A smartphone designed for the masses. On the other hand the Nexus 5 will be an affordable terminal with technical specifications placing it at the border between mid-range and high-end segments, with unlocked bootloader and stock Android, aiming at the tech savvy type.