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Next-gen Nexus 7 Release Date Is May, Asus Readying Intel-Powered High-End Smartphone, Says Report

The Mobile World Congress was once seen as the most important mobile event. However, this years MWC was pretty disappointing because the major companies are now holding their own events to launch their flagship products. So, MWC 2013 was rather dull, but there were still a couple of devices that have impressed the general public, as well as the media. One of these handsets is the 7-inch Asus Fonepad. Although, it seemed an odd device at first glace, it still is one of the few good surprises at MWC. The Fonepad is basically a tablet, but which can also be used as a phone. Probably, its main feature is its Intel CPU.

You would think that the chip maker will be focused on tablets for now on, but it seems that the Asus Fonepad will only be the exception as rumor has it that a new Asus smartphone powered by an Intel processor will be released this summer.

According to Digitimes, online publication that received a tip from an unknown source, the partnership between Asus and Intel will march forward and as the result will be a brand new smartphone that will reportedly have a 5 to 5.5-inch screen and that will be underpinned by an Intel Atom Z2580 (also known as Clover Trail+) CPU.

If the rumor is true, that the new Asus device will be similar to the Lenovo K900, which is supposed to be released in China next month and worldwide afterwards. Naturally, with don’t have other details about Asus’s new handset, and we also don’t know how much it will cost.

It seems that Intel wants to be a big player on the mobile market, and even though it will be though to compete with rival companies like Qualcomm and Samsung, we’re talking about a very prestigious chip makers that will surely find it way to the top. Plus, the competition is always good and we expect that the future handhelds released on the market to become even faster.

Meanwhile, Digitimes also talks about the next generation Nexus 7, specifying that the new Google tablet is actually in development and it could be unveiled in May, probably at the Google I/O event, as we told we a couple of days ago. The new Nexus 7 is reportedly coming with a Full HD display and it’s meant to rival Apple’s iPad Mini, which will reportedly come with an improved display resolution.

The enhanced Nexus 7 is expected to cost around $250 in the United States.

It looks like the Google I/O event is going to be very spectacular because the internet giant is allegedly going to announce several devices like the second generation Nexus 7, the Motorola X Phone, the LG Nexus 5, and also its latest OS iteration, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.