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4.8 Million Nexus 4 Units Shipped Globally, Not Enough to Outsell iPad Mini or Kindle Fire

I have no doubt that you have heard about Google’s first tablet, the popular Nexus 7. Well, for a long time the Android-powered 7-inch tablet was a trendsetter and a product the customers were craving for. The Nexus 7 received a lot of positive reviews and its technical specifications and price recommended it as a must have.

Even though the Nexus 7 had the likes to become one of the best-selling tablets on the market, the figures posted by the analysts are showing otherwise.

Benedict Evans, a famous analysts of the electronics segment says that both the iPad Mini and the Amazon Kindle Fire have outsold Google’s Nexus 7 in 2012.

Evans estimates that 4.8 million Nexus 7 units were shipped last year, which weren’t enough for the 7-inch tablet co-developed by ASUS and Google to overpass Apple’s and Amazon’s rivals. He also reports that 2.1 or 2.2 million Nexus 7 units were sold in Q3 2013, while 2.4 million units were sold in Q4 2012.

The same analyst estimates that event though it was released on the market a couple of months later, the iPad Mini was sold in 10 million copies world wide.

Evans is certain that Amazon Kindle Fire also outsold the Nexus 7, even though the analyst is probably talking about the US market.

Well, towards the end of the analysis we are discovering an interesting prediction: an upgraded Nexus 7, with higher display resolution and probably a more attractive design that will be sold at the same price as its predecessor. If so, the battle between Nexus 7 2 and iPad Mini will get even more interesting.

  • David VanHouse

    change title….its the nexus 7

    • anonymous

      Its called page views and it was done deliberately.

  • melci

    Apple sold over 10 million iPad minis in 2 months while even when sold at a loss, the Nexus 7 only managed 4.6 million in 6 months of sales. So much for yet another vaunted “iPad-killer”.

    • DG

      melci your a ifanny

      • melci

        So no rational counter-arguments? Just insults? That’s sad.

    • mdmills31

      McDonalds sales more hamburgers then In N Out while being an inferior product.

      • melci

        Except that the iPad mini is thinner, lighter, has a machined aluminum body rather than plastic, has a significantly faster GPU, has a rear 5 megapixel HD camera, larger higher quality screen (more pixels does not mean better focus, brightness, readability etc in the case of the Nexus) vastly more tablet-optimized apps, no malware, is available with 4G and much larger storage capacities etc.

        No wonder Apple sells 5x more iPads than the Nexus 7.