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Nexus 8 Release Date Might Be Late April, Says Report

Sources from Taiwan claim that Google and Asus will team-up once more to develop a Nexus tablet. This time will sport an 8-inch screen and it will be called Nexus 8.

DigiTimes¬†got word from unnamed “Taiwan-based supply chain makers,” that Nexus 8 release date has been set for late April and that around 2 million units will be shipped. According to DigiTimes, the Nexus 8 will replace the Nexus 7, as the Mountain View-based company aims to “avoid price competition in the 7-inch segment.”

It also seems that Google is disappointed by the Nexus 7 2013 sales (3 million units according to the latest reports), therefore it may want to move to a segment where there are less competitors. Right now, the most notable Android-powered 8-inch tablets are Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, LG G Pad 8.3, and Galaxy Note 8.0.

DigiTimes also notes that the raising popularity of the phablets, which come with screens almost as big as the ones of a 7-inch tablet, has influenced Google to make an 8-inch Nexus 8 tablet.

Unfortunately, the information can’t be verified in anyway, therefore we are advising to take it with a pinch of salt.

If the rumor proves true, would you prefer an 8- or a 7-inch Nexus tablet?