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CyanogenMod Developers Won’t Release Official CM ROM builds for the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500

It is now confirmed that the CyanogenMod developers from Team Hacksung, the ones who previously release official CM ports, will not develop any ROMs for the upcoming Galaxy S4 device.

Team Hacksung are the ones who created Official CM ports for the Samsung Galaxy S2, Note, Galaxy S3, Galxay Note 2 and for all the Galaxy Tab devices.

Xplodwild, a member of Hacksung, posted the announcement in an XDA thread¬†and said that they will not buy nor try to develop any CyanogenMod builds for the Galaxy S4. That’s caused by the fact that the SGS4 will sport the Exynos 5 Octa CPU and based on the bugs that are currently present in the Galaxy S3 CM ports (Exynos Quad) then we can easily assume that such errors will surely appear on the Galaxy S4 CM-based ROMs, too. They’re talking about the ‘camera’ bug, which makes the video recording and taking pictures actions unresponsive from time to time.

This issue could be easily solved by Samsung, if they would decide to release the sources for Exynos CPU and all the other sources that would allow CyanogenMod team to work on the Galaxy S4, S3 and previous Samsung devices running on Exynos processors.

CyanogenMod builds are so popular because these are based on AOSP Android and numerous users love to experience the pure stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, or any other Android OS version, that cannot be used on the stock Galaxy S4 phones since these will be full of bloatware and TouchWiz functions.

Team Hacksung are the latest developers refusing to work with the Galaxy S4, as CodeworkX, Entropy 512 and Gokhan Moral (kernel developer) have already decided that without the sources being released then there won’t be any official CyanogenMod ports available for Samsung’s latest flagship device.

The device in question is the International variant of Galaxy S4, the one using the Exynos 5 octa-core CPU and all the previously release Exynos-based Samsung devices. However, there is no official word regarding the US variants of the Galaxy S4. The US Galaxy S4 will use a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU and they will release sources which will make the developer’s work much more easier and we might get lucky and eventually receive an official CyanogenMod port for the S4.

The full XDA thread discussion on whether there will be any custom ROMs released for the Galaxy S4 can be found here.

Are you an CyanogenMod 10.1 and Android 4.2.2 AOSP Jelly Bean enthusiast, and if you are one, then do you still want to buy the Galaxy S4? Will you go the other way and purchase a device that is more CM-friendly? Tell us in comments.

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