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Nokia Dismisses Android Plans, Despite Linux Job Listing

Nokia has recently posted an attractive job listing on LinkedIn, which required Linux experience, and, of course, everyone though that the Finland-based company is casting glances at Google’s Android OS. Soon after the rumors went online, Nokia was forced to officially deny the speculations, and posted an official statement on Twitter.

Doug Dawse, Nokia’s head of PR, was the one responsible in dismissing the rumors regarding company’s plans with Android mobile operating system.

The Linux job listings were related to the development of the Nokia Here Maps application for Android, which required experienced software engineers. As mentioned above, the rumors were ignited by a job listing on LinkedIn, where Nokia was searching for “Principal Software Engineer, Embedded Linux Middleware.” I have to mention that the most popular operating systems based on Lynux kernels are Android and webOS, this being the reason behind the speculations.

Those who were hoping that Nokia will release an Android-powered smartphone, will still have to wait as nothing like this will happen to soon. If Windows Phone fails, there’s always a back-up plan in Jolla Sailfish OS, or, the wort case scenario, a return to Symbian, at versions like Carla and Donna, firmwares that didn’t hit the market yet.