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Nokia Planning Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phablet Rival, Release Date is June

It’s not the first time when we hear that Nokia is planning to launch a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet rival; moreover, the rumor mill also talked about a codename, Juggernaut. Well, the speculations about the Nokia phablet with a 5+ inch display returned, this time from sources from inside the Finland-based company.

For the time being, the Windows Phone-powered smartphones didn’t come with displays bigger than 4.8 inches, as the maximum resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels supported by Microsoft’s operating system and the importance of the pixel density were barriers that too few smartphone makers decided to pass. Only HTC and Samsung chose to launch 4.7+ inch Windows Phone smartphones, while Nokia stopped at a 4.5-inch display. Things might change in the near future.

According to a source close to Nokia quoted by Financial Times, the Finland-based phone maker is currently working on a big-screen smartphone, designed as a Windows Phone rival for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The new Nokia phablet will not only bring a 5-inch or bigger display, but it will also pack a more powerful hardware platform, which allows us to speculate that we might actually see a stylus with different sensitivity levels and apps optimized for drawing or handwriting.

The same source said that Nokia will launch the highly anticipated Windows Phone-powered smartphone with 41 megapixel PureView camera synchronized with the debut of the new phablet sometime in July.

A lighter and a more compact version of the Nokia Lumia 920 is also on its way, also bringing better specs as of July, while the fall will bring us a Nokia Lumia 920 price cut off.

As about the Nokia phablet, it might also become available in July, and if you asked me I would say that it’s very likely to see it in flesh along side two or three new Nokia models at the BUILD 2013 event in June, where Microsoft is rumored to announce Windows Phone Blue.

A week ago, sources claimed that Microsoft is willing to launch the General Distribution Release (GDR3) update for the Windows Phone 8 platform sometime this year. The GDR3 update is supposed to bring support for full HD resolution for smartphones with 5+ inch displays, and if the sources quoted by Financial Times are right, Nokia might be the first company to take advantage of it in July.

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