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Nokia to Announce Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rival with Quad-core CPU and FHD Display by the End of the Year

We already knew that Nokia will host a major tech event in September, that will last a few days, but we didn’t knew that we might have some unexpected launches there. The latest reports in the business say that Nokia, the Finland-based company manufactures the Windows Phone-powered Lumia smartphones, will launch a 1080p phablet powered by a quad-core chipset by the end of the year.

It’s not clear yet whether Nokia’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rival will debut at Nokia World or not, but there’s no doubt that the Finnish phone maker is aiming to increase its portfolio and penetrate both the tablet and the phablet segments. After we’ve previously heard that Nokia has an Windows RT tablet in the works, a couple of weeks ago a leaked 6-inch front panel of an alleged Nokia smartphone was making the headlines. Maybe it was the panel of the Nokia phablet we are talking about today.

The GDR3 update for Windows Phone will introduce support for full HD displays, therefore it’s perfectly normal to see them integrated into the upcoming Nokia smartphones.

As you probably noticed, all the big players of the smartphone market have fitted 1080p displays on their flagship smartphones (see Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and LG G2), but Nokia has yet failed to launch a FHD Lumia smartphone. In order to stay competitive on the crowded smartphone market Nokia will have to at least match the smartphones launched by other companies and it seems that’s exactly what the Finns plan.

Of course, the biggest threat to Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 phablet will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a 5.7-inch smartphone that will debut on September 4, boasting a 1080p display and Snapdragon 800/Exynos 5 Octa CPU. Besides the Galaxy Note 3, the quad-core Nokia phablet will also have to defeat two powerful phablets developed by Sony and HTC, the Xperia Z Ultra and the One Max.

I am eager to see what will be the selling point of a 5.5+ inch Nokia smartphone, because except for the design and some exclusive app, I don’t see any other acquisition reason. Maybe the Nokia phablet will have an innovative stylus or an even more attractive PureView camera.