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Nokia To Unveil Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-powered Smartphone At Nokia World?

Great news for us all, the Android enthusiasts, as Nokia might unveil a smartphone running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean at Nokia World 2012. Not, it’s not official, but a tweet of the Finland-based company might suggest this.

As you probably know, today, on September 5th, the Finnish phone maker holds the Nokia World event simultaneously in Helsinki and New York. Everyone expected to see some new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, maybe some Symbian devices too, but an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean terminal?

This can’t be anything but good news, for us all and bad news for Apple, as their iPhone 5 will have to fight against loads of powerful Android devices.

The official Nokia Twitter account holds a message that reads “Breakfast in New York on a big day for us! Today we dine on Jellybeans” and a picture with a Nokia Lumia 900 next to a bowl full of jelly beans.

We all knew that Nokia and Microsoft have teamed-up to launch the next-gen Windows Phone 8 smartphones, but we also knew that Nokia had a back-up plan in case Microsoft’s mobile platform will not be successful. Earlier this year, a Nokia official said that Android will probably be the company’s plan B, but no one though this might happen so fast.

Now just imagine a Nokia smartphone running on Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean: a terminal running on the world’s most awesome operating system underpinned by Nokia’s ample experience in the field and some fancy premium materials for the body.

Of course, the tweet might also be a not-so-subtle Nokia jab at Android. If so, maybe the Finns will discover that the “Jellybeans” are delicious and lave behind Microsoft’s operating system for one that is really worthy.

  • nobody

    i think Nokia referring its new Lumias will eat jellybeans for breakfast, lol

  • LOL 😀 no nokia is dinning on jellybeans means thy r going to stab android.

    and who told android jb is good…still it has malware..piracy all that shit which developers and clients hate

    android on purpose created loop hole so that some people might exploit and create piracy,so that it might become success …piracy of apps is androids weapon ..which they wont reveal

    • Malware, really? Download apps outside Google Play and complain about virus.. That’s all you can do

    • $30963905

      Kind of ridiculous that you mention piracy and malware as issues when you only get malware if you pirate…. good one.

      • It seems like the only ones who complain about malware are the ones who don’t want to spend a few bucks for apps and get them from torrents, along with malware.

    • ruit

      Um you do realize you are saying that nokia running windows is far more protected from malware than android ? are you crazy if windows 8 even comes close to getting popular who do you thinks the guys creating the viruses and malware are going to target next. windows is the biggest pc software company so there shit gets attacked the most.

  • Only in your wet dreams… Nokia will never touch that shit

  • iLikeVariety

    Android 4.1, the world’s most awesome operating system??? Come on, what a JOKE!!! My Galaxy S3 was so lousy I sold it off after just 3 months of use. It feels cheap like a plastic toy (it also creaks on its top right hand corner where the front camera is placed) and it runs on ICS which was unstable. The instability was so endemic that I dont think 4.1 JB will make much of a difference. Something’s gotta be wrong with the core codes which a simple rev-up to 4.1 won’t solve.
    iOS is still the most stable I have experienced so far. After getting my fingers burned trying lousy Android, if I am going to switch or try something else other than iOS, it’s gotta be Windows Phone 8 which is refreshingly different. Android is nothing but a shadow of iOS. WP 8 on the other hand offers a totally different user experience with its Metro UI.
    In any case, I will probably end-up spending money on both the iPhone 5 and a WP 8 phone (most likely Lumia 920, unless SONY also launches WP 8 based phones). The only unlikely scenario where I am willing to overlook the stability issues of Android and venture back into the world of Android again will be when I give in to my temptations to own the SONY Xperia T / TX which has ruled my heart ever since I saw it’s launch at the recent IFA and online video reviews…….not to mention this is what James Bond will be using in the latest installment of the 007 movie series.

    • abodan09

      it’s just a waste of time replying to annoying post from iSheeps like u, who’ll buy any shit apple will offer!…well…it just seemed that the shadow as u call the Android platform happens to be the worlds best handheld OS that has ever been created!…i will definetly go for WP8 (at worst) than throwing ma money in the waste for an iOS, but without renouncing (for no reason on earth) my Galaxy s3…simply awesome!