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Nokia Wins Preliminary Injunction Order Against HTC One

Even though the patent wars between Apple and Samsung are no longer making the headlines, it seems that another company is now seeking patent justice in the law courts. The folks at Nokia now want to claim their rights in front of HTC. It is not the first time we hear about this story, but this is the first concrete result of it.

It is obvious that the Finland-based company will not start suing other companies just to have the media spotlight on them, like Apple did, but after Nokia “threatened” the phone makers that chose to infringe their patents, the popular company is now suing its rivals, and it seems its actions are successful.

Still, the injunction order Nokia won in Amsterdam against HTC is not about a patent, but about the way HTC chose to implement one of its technologies in the new HTC One model.

The new HTC One integrates the high-amplitude mics solution offered by ST Microelectronics solution, the same technology being used by Nokia in the Lumia 720 Windows Phone-powered model. For this particular reason the Finnish phone maker is accusing ST Microelectronics that they supplied double membrane circuits for mics to another manufacturer, even though the invention belongs to Nokia, ST Microelectronics being just the company that manufactures i.

As things stand the HTC One model seems to be a collateral damage of Nokia’s war against ST Microelectronics and the Finns have managed to obtain sales interdiction for the new flagship smartphone in Netherlands. Of course it can also be about other actions and remedies exercised by both producers under their legal rights.

We will keep you updated on the matter, so stay tuned.

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