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Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OTA Update for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 Leaked

As Samsung recently reported, the highly-expected Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OTA update for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000 devices will be released somewhere during next month, or possible (more likely if you ask me) in the beginning of 2013. This is not only a rumor because the mentioned Android 4.1.2 software has been already leaked. Well, actually we are talking about the test version of the OTA update, but this should mean a solid start for Samsung.

The firmware is coming with several improvements and features and of course with the latest Android flavor, the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 one. I know that it’s not quite the “latest” one as the 4.2 Android OS was already launched, but if we consider that the Note is not a Nexus device, this should do just fine. Now, before heading to other aspects, let’s take a look over the improvements that will be brought by the Android 4.1.2 firmware for your Samsung Galaxy Note handset:

Android 4.1.2 features for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Android 4.1.2 features for Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Unfortunately, even though the software has been leaked that doesn’t mean that Samsung will start to provide the Jelly Bean OTA update for the Galaxy Note right away. Remember that the update is still in the test stage, so you will have to wait a little bit longer for the official release. Anyway, if you just can’t wait, then stay close to us because a suitable how to guide, from which you will be able to learn how to manually update the Galaxy Note with the official XXLSA leaked software, will be made available today (this of course thanks to our sources).

So, what do you say, are you able to wait until 2013 for the official Jelly Bean OTA update, or you are ready to manually install the software on your Galaxy Note? Share your impressions and opinions related to this topic with us and with other users too, by using the comments area from below.

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  • i want a early update

  • Arun laishram

    Please please update jelly bean this december we cant wait longer. Its become boring when i see my phone i bought this note 6 month ago. But now i felt very old.

    • jellyBean

      ngaiba ngumdragana leaked frmware se update touro dana ….

  • bearwoman12

    i would’nt get impatient you guy for jellybean, because from what ive heard from other people who ave got it, it drains your battery at an alarming rate,

    • Have the german version, and it doesnt drain battery at all 🙂

    • Abhinay

      Yes, it drains the battery on count of a minute. I got rid of it and I am currently on CM 10.1, good battery life and very responsive.

    • mark

      Got a mugen 5000mah battery. What battery drain?

  • mehul

    which month release in 2013 jelly bean for galaxy note n7000.

  • rithy

    cannot wait i want to update now.
    Can i ?

  • abz

    Once u have installed please do a factory rest in the recovery mode. Battery will not drain. Use super speed and u will love ur note once again.

  • Babulal Pinjari

    I will wait till official release of jelly bean updates for original galaxy note gt-n7000, but try to release in first week of Jan-13.
    Thanks….. Babulal Pinjari

  • Nadim

    Of course we will wait the official version

  • Abhinay

    Hi! I flashed the leaked version and had to get rid of it because it is too slow and laggy. I had compromise on a lot of features but I am impresses with CM10.1.

  • Is it coming to uk 02 devices

  • Zara

    Recommend waiting. I installed the jelly bean but after installation the s-pen screen capture doesn’t work, you have to do it with your hand. I hope the official version solve the problem. Another problem: my swype keyboard was doing great until the swype dictionary stop working, i can’t add words to the dictionary,

    • you got to have a clean Installation, wipe data factory first and clean cache and then begin to flash after installed, again wipe data factory first and clean cache, there you go you had the a clean istall. of jelly bean. isn’t that magical?

  • can’t wa8 any longer so I just install the leak version STOCK, international version of note GT-N7000 its been 1 week till now I’m from Philppines so far so good. No problem at all, all working spen, air view, all running smooth and the battery nothing new, its just like ICS I notice that if you will put the phone on download mode dam still OFFICIAL and I like that so that if something goes wrong I still had my warranty, one thing missing is the Video maker the one on the ICS. I love that application where can I get that application anyone? help me..thanks

  • Srini

    it’s already 2013 march any guess from Samsung to release jb in india? there also mny user’s here

  • myo oo

    now i want updte