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Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Accessories Revealed Today, Available Starting with 24.99€

Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch on April 11th and, MobileFun posted today several pictures showcasing accessories that are destined for the new S5 device.

The pictures show that there will be 13 different varieties for you to choose from such as wallet covers, hard case covers, S-view covers and more. Since the new phone from Samsung will cost somewhere around $600, then users might be tempted buy the new covers for a better protection of their valuable asset.

The Protective Hard Case Cover Plus is the first accessory shown. It is made entire of plastic and it should offers protection against hard impacts and high scratch resistance when compared to other standard cases. Grey is the only color available for the Galaxy S5 Hard Case Cover Plus. Pricing is set at 24.49€.

The 2nd accessory is the Galaxy S5 S View Wireless Charging Cover which allows you to charge your device wirelessly. It packs a wireless charger on its back cover along with support for S View features. Also, it packs support for sleep and wake features so that you will have a full screen protection.  You can view the screen and interact with it without opening the cover. It comes only in White or Black color at a price of 66.99€.

The 3rd accessory would be the Galaxy S5 Flip Wallet Cover that allows you to choose from a wider variety of colors. These covers aren’t offering S View capability, but are cheaper and you can also use it to store your credit cards. It is available in White, Blue Topaz, Blue Black, Glam Pink and Rose Gold. The price is set at 36.99€.

The last accessory confirmed for Galaxy S5 is the S-View Cover Case which comes in Topaz Blue, Blue Black, White, Glam Pink and Rose Gold. S-View cases are the same as the Wireless Charging Covers without the wireless part. These can be used to answer calls, see the time, check incoming notifications, view the upper part of your screen without needing to flip open the Galaxy S5 cover. S-View Case is available starting with 54.99€.

All these covers available from Mobile Fun co.uk website. If you decide to order a product then you need to know that you will have to wait several weeks before it will arrive at your doorsteps. There is no official word on the release date for United States, but you can try and order one from there.


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