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One-Click Root Solution for Galaxy S3, S2, Note 2 and More Available (Root guide Included)

When using a high end Android based smartphone is all about customization and optimization operations, as we can’t stop from improving and upgrading our gadgets for receiving more power, latest apps, new features and a better web browsing experience. But for being able to do the mentioned tasks you must first free your device from the factory restrictions and default settings. Because of that you must learn how to gain access over the internal system of your handset, access that can be granted once you root the OS.

As you know, usually the root procedure is quite complex and risky so not all the Android users are able to safely complete the operation. Furthermore, in some cases, while trying to gain root access the phone gets bricked and since the warranty is void, you will find yourselves in an unpleasant situation. In order to avoid these situations, we have the one-click tool, which offers a safe and fast root solution for the Android based devices. Unfortunately not all the smartphones can be rooted by using the one click root tool.

Now, as mentioned in the title of the present step by step guide, those of xda-developers had made available a one-click root solution for all the most important Samsung devices, so we will be checking in how to easily root your Galaxy S3, S2, Note and Note 2, Galaxy Camera and more. The process will be easy to understand and to complete as there are only a few steps to take care of. Also, being a one click root solution, you will be able to free your Android powered Samsung smartphone / tablet by running a dedicated app that will do all the work for you.

But, before heading to the proper root tutorial, you should check the list from below. You have there all the supported Samsung devices that can be unlocked by using the present method. Don’t apply this step by step guide if your phone or tablet isn’t mentioned in the image from below.

List of supported devices

List of supported devices

Now, you should first prepare your gadget for the process that will shortly follow. Else you will not be able to one-click root your Samsung device, and worst you can even end up in bricking your smartphone. So, take your time and read all the lines from this tutorial and especially the pre requisites which are being presented below.

  • It is more than recommended to backup the data from your handset. Usually the system is not wiped out by using a one-click root tool, but considering that you can save bank accounts and passwords on your smartphone it is a good idea to save all of your personal info before going any further.
  • You can use our backup and restore guides for learning how to save the contacts list, the text messages, the call logs, market apps, internet settings, the EFS folder and even the current ROM.
  • Remember that by rooting, the warranty of your device will be void.
  • Your Samsung handset must be charged (if there is less than 60% power left) before starting the root operation or else it might get turned off in the middle of the process.
  • On your phone the USB debugging option must be enabled; so go to “Settings -> Device Information -> Enable USB Debugging Mode”.
  • Remember to check the list of supported devices before applying something on your Samsung tablet / smartphone.

How to Root Samsung devices with One Click app

  1. The first thing to do is to download the Framaroot app (this is the one click tool that will be used).
  2. Use the link from here.
  3. Then, install the APK which has been downloaded before on your Samsung smartphone / tablet or camera.
  4. Now, by using the File Manager from your device, search for the APK file and run the same.
  5. The installation will now begin; in the end your handset will be rooted meaning that you are done.

So, that was all; what do you think about this method? Don’t forget that the present one click root solution can be applied only for a limited numbers of Samsung devices (you have the full list of supported devices above). Also, this guide has been first developed by those of xda-developers so we have them to thanks for this opportunity.

Now, you can look forward in performing other complex operations on your phone as its system has been unchained. You can install a custom recovery image, update the device with a custom ROM firmware, install apps that requires root access in order to work properly, remove in-built programs for increasing the speeds and a lot more. Do share your thoughts and impressions with us and with other users who might want to try this tutorial by using our comments area from below.

  • tinianov

    When will the T-Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-T999) be able to be rooted with a similar 1-step tool?

    • Sami ????


  • dancun

    What about galaxy note 2 t889 from tmobile? Is it the same as gt n7100?

  • adam T

    ok. how am I supposed to backup my phone to get ready to be rooted when you phon needs to be rooted first to do these things you have listed?

    • Antonio Claudio Michael

      android app called My backup pro it dont need root but when your phone gets rooted it will make a even better backup

  • banditware

    use the link from here.. That link takes you to a site but no files. I’ve been reading a lot of bad written up articles lately it seems.

  • damnit

    Your link no worky.

  • whatever

    A lot of stupidity by the people runng this place. Wake up.

  • SoMi
  • Alejandro Garcia

    How can i know what model i have

    • kristen

      go to the settings, all the way down to where says “about”

  • bhottatleo

    Awesome, worked beautifully!

  • andrei

    It has been some problems with the download
    link; I have updated it, so hopefully now everything will be working as expected. Sorry
    for the inconvenience.

  • jooosh

    Link doesn’t work

  • james

    On AT&T Note 2 link is just sending me to articles.

  • Abraham Poudel

    Good joke

  • bigden

    note 2 gt n7100 android 4.1.2
    Failed to root

    • N7105 exploit failed too

    • franky

      Yes, my note 2 GT-N7100 Android 4.1.2 failed too… any new solution?

  • JFC

    Yes please we need guide to root the Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile SGH-T999 ..urgent!!!

  • me

    Link did not work for sprint just install app twice an said no root

  • When will you have it for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-889)?

  • Should I update my note 2?

  • Danny

    When will this be available for Verizon GS3? SCH-I535

  • Ijoboko

    This does not work 🙁

  • johnmetz27

    Works for sprint note 2 also.

  • james

    I believe I got it working, now can someone explain how to get the roms now???

  • bostonboyz

    Are you going to support dansung galaxy s3 i535 from Verizon??? I hope so…keep up the great work

  • ed

    Is this the same with exynos exploit by chainfire?

  • Exploit failed. Note 2 LTE N7105

  • bung

    works great, thx heaps

  • Dudley1675

    Does not work on my Sprint 4G lte S3 running 4.1.1, I get a mesage saying that “CHECK VULNERABILITIES – Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot” Now what?

    • cojack

      Im having same problem how can we get this right was realky excited about one step root

    • SDPT_Emile

      The Sprint is not the I9*** version which is not in the list above.

  • mike

    Does not work.
    Does not work.

  • v2girl

    Worked perfectly for me on ny Note II. THANK YOU!!!

    • thatcher

      How did you get the link????

  • mlewis76

    What about the sch R530U from us cellular???

  • Medgarteck

    It doesn’t work. I followed all the steps. What is the possible problem? Any ideas?

  • kk

    Would you still be able to get updates after rooting? Also able to apply the updates will make the root not usable?

  • john

    You can check the version of your phone in settings. All the way on the bottom choose about device. There it will show what you are looking for, the model number.

  • Alicia

    Please make it work for tmobile’s note 2 as well.

  • Mannan

    Doesn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy Note II LTE N7105 XXDMA8 4.1.2 any idea please? ?

  • Oh my its awesome fantastic work.. working on my note 2 N7100 thank you so much.

  • dude my phone already have that superuser apps, that’s mean the phone is rooted right? but now it seems that superuser is denying all root access.. can u help me in this matter?

  • W.J P

    hi, to all can someone please put a process or link how to unroot from this one click root i unroot everytime i restarst the root goes back on thanks galaxy note 2 att

  • sw.yin

    So it does not work on GT-N7100 too as mentioned?

  • James

    T-Mobile Samsung galaxy note 2 please 🙂

  • Dave

    I m a little confused! You recommend doing a backup before proceeding to root the hand set using. ClockWorkMod Recovery http://www.android.gs/one-click-root-galaxy-s3-s2-note-2-camera-root-guide/ You then tell readers they need to be rooted before installing ClockWorkMod Recovery. http://www.android.gs/backup-and-restore-your-android-device-using-clockworkmod-recovery-2/ Which is it, root before ClockWorkMod Recovery or is it ClockWorkMod Recovery before root?

  • alex

    I have the galaxy s2 for BOOST MOBILE. It was really easy to install. Now i have root acess a can tether now. Thank you so much one click root..

  • Travis

    Could you please make this available for sprints Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SPH-L900

    • sandeepa

      How to root galaxy grand

  • Hodag

    Can this be “undone” on the Verizon Note 2 in case it ever needs to go in for warranty?

  • tralee cable

    I have a Samsung galaxy s3gt19305T. Is that the same as your 19305 ?

  • can i get ota updates from samsung with this method ?

  • Antonio Claudio Michael

    link dont work

  • Mikey

    the link provided is a dead link, please update it

  • michael

    When will this one click root method be available fir the t-mobile version galaxy s2 sgh-t989????

  • mkd718

    Does this work for Sprint gs3 and note 2?

  • Is this method working with Jelly Bean?

  • Jack Williams

    I used cf auto root
    Worked perfect, and compatable for most phones…I’m on I535 by verizon

  • Geoff

    What’s an APK?

  • andreana


  • asker

    Again,when.will this method of yours be available for t-mobile’s SGH-T999 ???

  • Dmitry

    link dosn’t work

  • Mekha

    I have Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-19100T, will this work?

  • Michael YKM

    Invalid link from point 2. Use the link from “here”.

    “Invalid Attachment specified. This can happen for a variety of reasons– most likely because the thread or post you are trying to view has been moved or deleted. Please return to the forum home and browse for another similiar post.”

  • Don

    I have tried this without any luck on a verizen tablet model v917g running jellybean 4.2.2

  • Terry Oliver

    I have an AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G. I want to upgrade it to the Jelly Bean 4.2.2 software with Chameleon Custom Rom. I followed the link to here from the instructions “root your Infuse 4G”, but the Infuse 4G is not listed

  • danny

    It says my device is vulnerable so I cant root it, how do I make my samsung galaxy s3 vulnerable?

  • akihiko

    What about note2(SHV-E250s)?

  • drew

    I have a galaxy s 3 LTE 4G I710. Just trying to find an easy way to root this device. Cant seem to find my device anywhere.

  • linkbroken

    link is broken

  • andi

    grand duos neo failed to root

  • yefri

    How to Easily Root Galaxy S3 I9300 on XXUGNA8 Official Android 4.3 Firmware, please help me ? thank you .

  • Linda Yiengst

    Can I root the galaxy s5 that had the lollipop app

  • Linda Yiengst

    Y am I here? These r discussions from 2 yes ago. I’ll never get an answer .

  • Ahsan

    How can i update my galaxy note n7000 as it is modified..

  • chris gleason

    Dose it work for Samsung tab a ?

  • B.Syafaat

    working superbly on my old Gt-i9100. thanks a lot mate.

  • how to root GT-P1000 ? what is the max android version possible over this model?

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