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OnePlus 5 Could Be Priced at 550 Euros in Finland, Suggests Contest Listing

As we told you in a previous post, OnePlus is all set to announce its next flagship smartphone on the 20th of this month. Ahead of the official unveiling, a contest listing on OnePlus forums has revealed the price of the OnePlus 5 for Finland. The contest is for an annual music festival that will be held in Finland later this month. Winner of the contest will be receiving a OnePlus 5 along with two 3-day VIP passes to the event.

The official rules for the contest reveal the total value of the grand prize is 948 EUR. A VIP ticket to the event costs 199 EUR, which means the OnePlus 5 will have a retail price of 550 EUR in Europe. Of course, the price is far from confirmed, but it does give us an idea of what to expect. For reference, the OnePlus 3T is currently priced at 439EUR in Finland, so if the contest listing is indeed accurate, the OnePlus 5 will be significantly more expensive than its predecessor. More interestingly, the OnePlus 3T carries a $439 price in the US, which could perhaps mean the OnePlus 5 will cost around $550 in the US. Great value for money has been one of the key strengths of OnePlus flagship smartphones, so we’re not sure if consumers will be very happy if the OnePlus 5 does indeed turn out to be much closer to other flagship smartphones in terms of pricing than any previous flagship device from OnePlus.

The OnePlus 5 will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest flagship Snapdragon 835 octa-core chipset under the hood, coupled with a whopping 8GB of RAM. The smartphone will also include a dual-camera setup at the back, which is expected to be a significant improvement over the 16MP snapper of the OnePlus 3T in terms of low-light camera performance. We also expect to see faster charging, a slimmer profile, and more color options than the OnePlus 3.