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Opera Max Now Accepting Signups, Promises to Reduce Data Usage by 50%

Opera Max, the app that promises to halve your data usage, is now in open beta and accepting signups. If you’ve ever used the Opera browser, then you know about Opera Turbo, a feature that preloads and caches non-encrypted resources on their own servers in order to reduce the user’s data usage. Now Opera Turbo has graduated into a standalone app and it’s currently in the open beta phase, which means you have to signup and wait for an invitation.

Opera Turbo has been a very nice feature for the browser, especially that data plans were really expensive and it was doing a great job. But now it’s available for all non-encrypted web traffic on Android devices. Recently Google has also included a similar feature in Chrome for Android.

According to Opera, their app can save up to fifty percent of data and it really seems to do a good job. But it’s not just about reducing data usage. Reducing the amount of data you have to download also speeds up things for the user, because wireless data connections are still limited most of the time.

Entering the beta is very simple and you only have to download and run the Opera Max app from the Play Store. Opera will start offering access soon on a first come, first served basis and there are already thousands of people on the waiting list.

Once you get your Opera Max invitation, please let us know how it works. We’re curious if it works so well for everyone.