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Oppo N1 to Dual Boot Android and CyanogenMod

It looks like Oppo and CyanogenMod are working closely together, as Steve Kondik, the mastermind behind Cyanogen has made a cameo in the latest Oppo N1 teaser. In case you don’t know it already, the new Chinese smartphone will be officially announced later today.

Last week, the tech publications were writing that Cyanogen will become a company, after the team received financing of $7 million. Returning to Oppo N1, the new smartphone will be dual-boot, as you will be able to choose between the CyanogenMod and Android customized with Oppo’s proprietary user interface. It looks like Cyanogen is also trying to get the approval of including the standard Google Services and Apps on the terminal, too.

If you aren’t familiar with CyanogenMod, you might want to know that the Google services don’t come pre-installed with this ROM. You can easily install GApps on any smartphone by flashing it, but you will require custom recovery.

Other voices say that Cyanogen mode will get certified and receive Google’s “blessing,” thus we might get to see things more interesting than Oppo N1 later today.