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Oppo to Launch World’s Thinnest Smartphone, R809T Will Be Only 6.13 mm Thin

We’ve always liked to see how the phone makers are trying to make their smartphones thinner, and, as we speak, another Chinese company will steal the crown with the thinnest smartphone in the world. We are talking about Oppo R809T a smartphone that is only 6.13 mm thin.

Probably trying to convince us that now all the products “Made in China” have a matter of principle, the China-based phone maker Oppo has managed to develop the thinnest smartphone in the world, but which will only go on sale on their domestic market.

Even though we aren’t usually paying attention to the smartphones that won’t go on sale in Europe or North America, the new Oppo smartphone is a terminal that it’s worth talking about. Named Oppo R809T, the smartphone it the picture above is the result of a significant effort invested to obtain the absolute comparative when it comes to thin smartphones. The Oppo R809T is only 6.13 mm thin, given that HTC One is 9.3 mm thin, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a profile of 7.9 mm, while Apple’s iPhone 5 has a 7.6 mm thin body.

Besides bey very thin, the Oppo R809T also sports a quad-core processing unit, which is a solid proof that the compact size of the terminal doesn’t involve other technological compromises. Moreover, the R809T is not the first thin smartphone manufactured by the China-based company. Find 3 also had a thin profile, but it was outmatched by Alcatel’s and Vivo’s creations which were about 6.5 mm thick.

The Oppo R809T will hide a Mediatek MT 6589 SoC with four cores and 1 GB of RAM under its slim body, while the 4.5-inch display will come with 720p resolution. With a rumored price of around $400, contract free, Oppo R809T is one of the most expensive smartphones recently launched for the Chinese market.

Oppo R809T will go on sale on April 26th, and we are eager to see the first hands-on reviews and will tell us more about build quality and performance.

Is the thinness a bragging right, or a very slim smartphone loses when it comes to usability?