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OUYA Will Launch A New Device Every Year

OUYA is a company that manufacturers home console, but it’s very different from Sony and Microsoft when it comes to releasing new products. In terms of product cycles, OUYA is quite similar to the phone makers. Julie Uhrman, who is the OUYA CEO, recently gave an interview for Engadget, in which she game some details about games and the hardware strategy.

Probably the most important information is that the company is already planing successors to the console powered by the Tegra 3 SoC. The CEO stated that the Android-based console will be launched in a similar way to the mobile devices, meaning that the company will release a brand new OUYA every year. After this one, an OUYA 2 will follow, then an OUYA 3, and so on.

Uhrman also said that they are trying to include the best hardware on the console, in order to offer the customers a product that’s worth every penny, which includes better and faster CPUs, but also more flash storage. The OUYA CEO wanted to assure the users that it won’t be any problems in terms of compatibility in spite of the hardware changes. In other words, the users won’t have to worry about older games not being compatible with the new possible hardware. The company will also implement an accounts system, that will be pretty similar to Google Play and Steam.

When asked about the hardware itself, Uhrman specified that the company has a deal with SoC maker NVIDIA in order to achieve the best results in terms of performance (the console has a Tegra 3 chipset). A good thing about the console is that it doesn’t have power limitations like the mobile devices because the OUYA features active cooling and does not utilize a battery. The console is presented by the company as being “the best Tegra 3 device on the market”.

The OUYA console should start shipping in March, and the first ones to get it will be the Kickstarter backers. The general public will be able to purchase it as of June 2013 at a price of $100.