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OUYA Will Be Available In Retail Stores For $100

In case you didn’t get to buy the OUYA gaming console during the Kickstarter campaign, and really want one, know there is another possibility to purchase it.

The console will be available in retail sores as of June, so you will have to wait until the summer comes. Still, if you are worried about the retailers’ stock running dry you can pre-order the OUYA as if today. Three large retail chains will have the Android based gaming console on their shelves meaning Best Buy, Target and Gamestop. The price will be around $100 for the console, and if you want additional controllers you will have to pay another $50 extra for each one. You can also buy the OUYA online from giant retailer Amazon, where availability won’t be an issue.

The project took life on Kickstarter and it already has 68,000 people who donated for it. All of the backers are supposed to get a free console for their support. The guys who sell the console claim that each month they are getting more and more pre-orders. The company has not given details about the number of pre-orders so far, but one of the representatives has said that the number of pre-orders is already bigger that the initial backers, thus more than 130,000 will be getting a OUYA console.

Even if the OUYA project has been a great success on Kickstarter, the developers have to move it to the next level and take it to retail stores from where it would be much easier for customers to buy it. They can come up with the best gaming console, but if the developers do not put it in retail stores so that people can see it, they won’t sell so many of them.

One more thing, for those eager to buy a OUYA console, you can visit the official website and make your pre-order.