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Overclock Sony Xperia Z for Increasing the Speeds and Improving the Performances

If you want to use your Sony Xperia Z on full power without dealing with the annoying factory and default restrictions you must learn how to overclock your Android device. By completing this operation you will be able to bump the speeds and increase the performances and the power that your smartphone provides. Therefore, if you want all that, then don’t hesitate and use this tutorial and follow the guidelines from below for learning how to properly change the CPU frequency by overclocking your Xperia Z.

The Sony Xperia Z is an impressive Android Jelly Bean based smartphone that comes with great specs and features. Even though we are dealing with a high end device that is competing with the Galaxy S4 and with the HTC One, you should know that always there room for improvements. As you know, when you first buy a handset it will be delivered with carrier restrictions along with factory settings that will slow down your phone. Also because of the same restrictions and in-build programs the battery life will be kind of short. But, here are some tricks that can be applied when trying to improve the speeds, upgrade the battery and power up the performances:

  • Remove the Sony Xperia Z bloatware – the un-useful in built programs and apps that comes pre-installed on your device.
  • Install a custom Kernel and overclock your Android device.
  • Update your phone with a custom ROM firmware that will bring a custom Android OS with extra and powerful features, apps and capabilities.

Since I have already showed you how to update with a custom software and how to remove the bloatware from your handset, now it’s time to check how to overclock your Xperia Z. As mentioned during the lines from above, the overclock process is linked with a custom kernel. Well, you have to install a custom kernel for being able to enable overclock on your device. Don’t worry, I will show you how to do that during the steps from below. But first do note: if your Xperia Z is currently running on a custom ROM firmware, then overclocking might be already enabled; check the features of the custom firmware and check for the same.

By overclocking your Android device you will increase the maximum frequency that is supported by the CPU. Don’t worry you will not burn out the processor by completing this procedure. As you can already tell, your Xperia Z will run on more power offering improved speeds and performances. But, if you increase the frequency to high, then you can experience battery drain issues. That’s why, before going any further learn more about overclocking Android devices – just click on the link and you will find all the details needed.

Then return to the present tutorial and resume the rest of the guidelines. Since for overclocking your Xperia Z a custom kernel is being required, you should know that other operations are also involved. Just check the list from below and apply the pre-requisites:

  • Root and install a custom recovery image on your Xperia Z. By gaining root access you will gain access to the internal system of your phone while the recovery image will be used on the flashing process that is explained below.
  • The warranty of your handset will get void as the root operation isn’t official (the same can be applied when talking about overclocking the CPU).
  • You can return the warranty by downgrading to stock Jelly Bean 4.2.2 OS, or by updating with an official release of the Android system (hopefully Android 4.3 soon). Take note, OTA updates can’t be received and installed on rooted smartphones – you need to manually flash the firmware for restoring the warranty.
  • Backup the Sony Xperia Z data and save all of your personal info, data and accounts as a wipe will be required.
  • Also, consider in making a Nandroid backup too – save and restore the current ROM if needed.
  • A computer will have to be used while your phone and its USB cable should be near you.
  • There shouldn’t be security tools running on your computer or on your device – uninstall the security programs before going any further.
  • Since you will connect your handset with the computer, go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and check the USB debugging option.
  • The process will take a while so I recommend you to charge your Xperia Z if there is less than 60% power left.

Good. Now before starting to apply the steps from below ensure: perform this method only for overclocking the Sony Xperia Z as this guide is compatible only with the mentioned smartphone. The custom kernel is being provided by those of xda-developers so we have to thanks them for the same.

How to install a custom kernel on Sony Xperia Z

  1. Download the kernel from here.
  2. Save the file on your computer, on desktop if possible.
  3. Don’t unzip the package.
  4. Connect your handset with the computer.
  5. Copy-paste the downloaded file from desktop to your phone.
  6. Turn off your device.
  7. Wait a few seconds and then reboot into recovery mode.
  8. From recovery wipe the system: “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvick cache”.
  9. Return and from the main menu of recovery select “install zip from SD card” and “choose zip from SD card”.
  10. Pick the kernel and flash the same.
  11. Return to recovery and select “reboot system now”.

How to Overclock Sony Xperia Z for Increasing the Speeds and Improving the Performances

  1. Take your phone and tap on the Google Play icon.
  2. Internet connection must be enabled on your device.
  3. On Google Play search for the app named “No-frills CPU Control”.
  4. Download the tool and install the same on your Xperia Z.
  5. Launch the app.
  6. The “set on boot” option shouldn’t be checked not until you decide which frequency to apply.
  7. So, use the dropdown menu and increase the frequency – don’t increase it to high as you will have problems with the battery life (it is recommended to increase the frequency with only 10-20% – you will still notice the difference don’t worry).
  8. So, set the new frequency and close the app.
  9. Enjoy.
  10. Also, by using the same tool you can easily downclock your Xperia Z for upgrading the battery life though the speeds will be slowed down a little bit.

Congratulations you now know how to overclock / downclock your Sony Xperia Z. remember that for improving the performances and for customizing the looks you should also update your phone with a custom ROM firmware. Anyway, do share your experience and thoughts with us by using the comments section from below and stay close for further step by step guides.

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