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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note headed to the UK

The pink Samsung Galaxy Note has been released in early April in Korea and is now going to reach the UK. We can guess that Samsung has been successful with the berry pink Galaxy Note in Korea, which mostly means that there are a lot of women interested in the phablet.

The Carphone Warehouse announced today that they are going to released the berry pink Samsung Galaxy Note in the UK as of June and it’s already available for pre-order. They didn’t offer many details, so we can suppose that it will be the same phone as the blue or white versions, having just a different color.

It’s always good to have more variants to choose from, though I’m pretty sure there won’t be many guys looking into a pink version Galaxy Note. Usually women prefer pink and they also prefer smaller smartphones, but it’s possible for Samsung to have convinced them into getting a quite huge phablet instead.

So if you got bored of the too common colors of the smartphones, which are black, white and blue, you can now opt for something way different and you will definitely attract attention with the pink Samsung Galaxy Note.

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