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PlayStation 4 to Come with Support for Android Mobile Terminals?

Sony has scheduled the PlayStation 4 release date for February 20th, while reports are indicating that it will be priced around $400. Most of the sources are pointing out that now the powerful hardware platform will be PS4’s main selling point, but the way you will be able to play. The statement of a Sony official makes us believe that PlayStation 4 might come with support or integration for Android terminals.

A Sony official said for Nokkei that the Japan based company is focusing on transforming the Playstation 4 gaming console into an entertainment center like a “nerve center,” deeply interconnected with both mobile devices and social networks. Since Google’s Android is the most popular mobile platform, the PS4 might receive integration with the Android terminals.

Reports are indicating that PlayStation 4 will come with an octo-core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, helped by a Radeon graphics processing unit with 18 cores, each with 64 cores. PS4 will also come with 4 GB of internal storage and the gaming console will come with Ultra HD capabilities.

Compared with the rumored technical specifications of the upcoming Xbox console, PS4’s GPU will have 18 cores while Microsoft’s console will be powered by a 12-core unit. It seems though that the next-gen Xbox console will come with 8 GB of internal storage compared to PlayStation 4’s 4 GB of storage. The reports are indicating that Xbox will come with a personal assistant, similar to Apple’s Siri.

Playsation 4 might hit the market at a price of $400 on the North American market, according to sources quoted by Techradar. The previous generation PlayStation, launched 6 years ago, had a starting price of $500, the price climbing to $600 for the premium model.

The new consoles will be launched on an already-crowded but growing market. NDP Group research firm talks about 275 million consoles for the US market in December 2011, while the Europeans own 173 million gaming consoles, according to the figures provided by IDG.