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Polaroid Reportedly Planning An Android-powered Camera

After Nikon launched the Coolpix S800C model, an Android-powered camera, and Samsung added the Galaxy Camera to its portfolio, the rumor mill speculates that Polaroid is also tempted by the Android cameras segment. Not that it would be a premiere for the US-based company, as Polaroid launched an Android point and shoot camera last year, but it was a disappointment.

We are talking about a high-end mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens, running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

The guys at Photo Rumor have posted pictures of the alleged Polaroid Android-powered camera found on a Russian social network, but the US-based company haven’t confirmed nor denied the rumors yet.

Reports are indicating that the new Polaroid camera has an 18.1 megapixel sensor, 3.5-inch touchscreen display, pop up flash, WiFi, HDMI and audio out, plus support for panorama mode.

Unless the picture below is a mock up, the device has an old school, compact design, focusing on the camera’s sensor rather than on the camera’s body.

After having a look at the evolution of cameraphones and the potential of Nokia’s Pureview, which of the segments do you think will end the battle as winner: the cameras with phone functions, or the phones with camera functions?