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Potential Samsung Galaxy S5 Design Revealed by Patent Filling

Even though the Samsung Galaxy flagships are the best selling Android smartphones to date, both the technical publication and the users are complaining about the design and materials of Sammy’s high-end smartphones. The Galaxy S4 looked like Samsung’s first attempt to bring their flagship smartphone closer to the feel of a premium handset, but a patent filling has revealed that the South Korean phone maker will change the design of its upcoming smartphones and the Samsung Galaxy S5 might be the first one to benefit from the new design language.

As you probably know, Samsung didn’t bring any major design changes since the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its Nature-inspired body. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 came with a high quality plastic for its body and with a glossy bezel around its edges, this year’s flagship has continued the Inspired by Nature design language introduced in 2012.

It looks though that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will adopt a new design after all. Well, at least that’s what a Samsung patent filling is suggesting. The patent was submitted “in 2011 in South Korean and in 2012 in the US,” writes Sammobile, but it isn’t mentioned what will it be the first smartphone to adopt the new design. Since both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4 skipped the new design described in the patents, it’s very likely to see it used for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The patent describes a square-shaped smartphone with slanted edges, which reminds of the design currently used by Sony and HTC for the Xperia Z and HTC One respectively.

Rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will also ditch the plastic body over a metal casing, but since there’s no official confirmation we are advising you to take the rumor with a pinch of salt. It was also reported that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will sport 3 GB of RAM and that it will be Samsung’s first flagship smartphone to pack a 20 megapixel camera. Again, the reports were nor confirmed or denied in any way.

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