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Pushbullet Beta App is Now Available for Windows Desktop PC

Pushbullet continues their amazing work on connecting all of our gadgets and computers. Now, they’ve launched the official Pushbullet Beta tool for Windows desktop PC, so that you can easily share messages, links, pictures, videos and any other type of content faster and better than ever before.

Despite the fact that this tool is only in its Beta phase, we’ve managed to test it successfully and it has promptly worked when trying to send links / messages between our Android devices and Windows computers. It is a great tool that anyone can start testing right away.

After you install Pushbullet on your computer you will see then a new device added in the sender’s list. The best feature of this new application is the fact that it is integrated in the Windows’ Right-Click context menu. Simply right-click on then file that you wish to send and then click the ‘Send with Pushbullet’ option, then the Android device will be notified of an incoming new file that measures under 25MB. The file limit size will be increased soon.

Another great thing about Pushbullet app for Windows is that it will receive automatic updates whenever a new build is released. You report bugs and errors on the Pushbullet subreddit here or send an email to windows @pushbullet.com

Download from here if you want to test Pushbullet on your Windows PC.

If you don’t have the Pushbullet app installed on your Android device, then you can get it from Google Play Store.