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Qi’s Wireless Charging Compatible With Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 was unveiled in New York last week and since then it has been a golden mine for tech news websites. And just when you thought that everything was already said in the past week since the event, some things are just starting to come to surface, as the surprising statement from Qi who wanted to inform the world that Galaxy S4 is supporting its wireless charging technology, even if nothing was mentioned about this feature on the main event. And this comes as a surprise, at least for some of us who believed that Samsung didn’t mention anything about wireless charging technology because the smartphone wasn’t capable of such thing. But everything starts to be clear as you are going to see in the rest of the post.

One of the reasons why Samsung didn’t pointed on this feature, and in my opinion, the most important and interesting one, is that the company wants to be seen as a standalone manufacturer who doesn’t rely on other companies in order for their products to work at their best, as we early presented Androids case where Samsung wants to detach for the giant mobile OS. And things start to became more clear now if we look at the big picture, in the end, mentioning Qi would have made an exception for their main goal and would have stayed in front of their plan. But leaving this aspect beside, let’s focus on what Qi said about Galaxy S4 and the wireless charging capability.

Qi said in a statement that the functionality won’t be included in the Galaxy S4 box, but it can be purchased as a standalone product, compatible with the device. They haven’t mentioned any price yet, but they specified that that kind of information will be available soon enough; maybe they will be ready to deliver the wireless charging devices in the same time when the smartphone will be on the first carrier shelves. The range of wireless charging supplied by Qi is huge and users can take the product that best suits their style, whether it’s a myriad or any other kind of Qi charging pads.

So tell us, are you going to charge your Galaxy S4 with a Qi wireless charging pad or you feel more comfortable by charging it by the “old-school” method?

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