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QVC’s Online store Prices the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 at $309

The first Android tablet that really got to the masses and started the craziness that now surrounds them was the Samsung Galaxy Tab. After quite a while Samsung decided that it was time to upgrade the original and released the new and fabulous Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Just like its older brother, this Android running device also comes with a 7 inch wide screen, but this is where the similarities end. It does however share a common point with its 10 inch brother as far as the QVC online store is concerned. They have both been leaked as an entry in a new webpage and they have both received a price. Thankfully, this 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 will arrive with a price tag of $309.96.

Giving that the price of its bigger, but similarly equipped brother, is $400 this little sequel seems to be priced appropriately. This price is only valid for the model with 8 GB of inbuilt storage, so if you want a tablet with more inbuilt storage and it happens to be the Galaxy Tab 2 you will have to wait a little longer for the price.

The truly odd thing about this QCV release s that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has been delayed for an undetermined time so that it can ship from factory with Android 4.0 ICS. To add to this confusion QVC’s online store has not released a pre order page but an actual buy now page. This should mean that if you order one Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 now, it should arrive on your doorstep in a matter of days. We have seen stranger releases of tablets before, but it is very unlike Samsung not to advertise the successor of a very well received product.

If you still feel the urge to order one Galaxy Tab 2 we strongly advise you not to, as there have only passed a few days since Samsung announced that it be delaying them due to some insufficiently mature software. This means that we shouldn’t expect either of the two slabs in the Tab 2 pair to arrive earlier than the first days of May.

The last oddity about this Galaxy Tab 7 is that its spec sheet mentions an InfraRed port, a feature that has been deemed obsolete by other wireless standards such as Bluetooth and to some extent even Wi Fi. The only new piece of hardware to have such a feature is the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, so all this info may have been a rather clumsy mistake. We will keep you updated if this is the real deal or not to stay tuned.

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