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Red Nexus 5 Photo Leaks, Yellow Model Also in Cards

Earlier this week, we’ve told you that Google and LG might be readying new color options for the Nexus 5. We even had to look at a few alleged photos of the said models, courtesy of Phone Arena.

A new report, this time coming from Vietnam, confirms the rumors saying that at least one new Nexus 5 color option is on its way. Mainguyen.vn even has photographic proof of the red Nexus 5 existence. The same Vietnamese source writes that a yellow Nexus 5 might be on its way, too.

Anyway, it seems that the picture of the red Nexus 5 is just a sample unit obtained by a Vietnamese retailer. Furthermore, Vietnamese publication Zing.vn writes that the red Nexus 5 will be launched in the Asian country in late February or March, followed by the yellow model later on.

Of course, there’s now way to confirm whether we are looking at a real red Nexus 5 photo, but the image doesn’t look like it has been manipulated in any way. The red back panel of the Nexus 5 looks a lot like the red official Neuxs 5 case that is currently available in Google Play Store.

If Zing.vn’s report proves true and a yellow Nexus 5 is indeed on the way, then the smartphone’s body color will be a reminiscent of the yellow Nexus 5 bumper case.

As I was mentioning above, the folks at Phone Arena posted a video and several photos of the new Nexus 5 color options. Well, it was proved that their anonymous tipseter just played with the Hue tool in Photoshop. Furthermore, well-known Android developer Paul O’Brien tweeted that even though the leaked photos are “bad ‘shops,”¬†there may be some truthto the story.

Would you be interested in purchasing a Nexus 5 other than black or white? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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