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Increase the Speeds and Battery Life on Xperia Z by Removing Bloatware

When you buy an Android powered handset the device will be coming with numerous restrictions, pre-installed apps and tools and in-build programs that can’t be accessed or removed. These are the factory and default restrictions and the bloatware. Your Xperia Z is featuring the same so if you want to bump the speeds, upgrade the battery life and free some space, then learn how to easily remove the bloatware.

On the Xperia Z the in-built apps and programs are pre-installed by Sony and by the retail from where you have bought your smartphone (T-Mobile, Verizon and so on). So, since we are talking about default settings and restrictions, removing the bloatware is actually an unofficial operation. This means that you can’t ask your retail to complete this procedure for you; you will have to do it by yourselves.

And for offering a helping hand, during the present step by step guide I will teach you how to easily, and for free, remove the Sony Xperia Z Bloatware; but, before heading to the proper steps, read all the guidelines from below, or else you will not be able to safely apply this tutorial. Also, do note that this step by step guide is compatible only with the Sony Xperia Z smartphone so don’t try it on a different or similar Android based device.

Usually, the in-built apps, features and programs aren’t even used by the Android users. Also, since the first day you buy your Xperia Z you will try to remove the bloatware for upgrading the battery life and for improving the speeds of your phone. Now you can do all that thanks to a tool that is available for free on Google Play Store.

Of course since we are dealing with an unofficial operation that has nothing to do with Sony or with any carrier, for being able to use the app you will first have to root your Xperia Z. Else you will not be able to remove the bloatware. Gaining root access is extremely important especially if you want to customize and optimize the performances and firmware of your smartphone. As you might know, on rooted handsets you can install custom ROMs, you can overclock the CPU and you can modify, add and remove features, settings, apps and tools as the internal system will be unchained. That’s why only on rooted phones you can remove bloatware.

Be careful though as when rooting the warranty of your Xperia Z will get void. It’s true that you can restore the warranty (by downgrading to stock Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS, or by updating with an official Android software – soon Android 4.3 Jelly Bean) but first you will have to safely root the system of your device. Another thing to consider: on rooted handsets you can’t receive and apply OTA updates – you need to manually install the official Android ROMs.

A personal recommendation: before starting to root your Sony Xperia Z and before completing this guide, backup your data. Usually when applying unofficial procedures the info that is saved on the internal storage memory of your device is getting wiped out, or corrupted meaning that you can lose important saves and personal accounts. The backup can be easily completed as there are free backup and restore apps available on Google Play Store.

Well now you can safely learn how to remove the Xperia Z bloatware, so use and apply the next steps.

How to Increase the Speeds and Battery Life on Xperia Z by Removing Bloatware

  1. As mentioned you will have to download a tool from Google Play.
  2. So, Internet connection must be enabled on your device.
  3. Tap on the Google Play icon.
  4. Search for the No Bloat app and download the same on your phone – don’t worry the tools is free distributed.
  5. Install the No Bloat app on your handset.
  6. Run the same.
  7. Allow SuperUser permission if prompted.
  8. Then select “System apps”.
  9. Select the programs and apps that you want to remove.
  10. Then tap on “backup and delete” – this will not remove the programs for good.
  11. Select “OK”.
  12. Now, test your phone for a couple of minutes.
  13. If everything is working well, then choose to permanently remove the programs.
  14. Open the app once more.
  15. Select “backed up apps”.
  16. Select the programs and tools you want to remove and select “delete backup”.
  17. Confirm.

Congratulations you have successfully completed the step by step guide. Now your Sony Xperia Z should be running better and the battery life should be upgraded as bloatware has been finally removed. Do share your impressions and thoughts related to this operation with us and with other users by using the comments field from below. Also, check our latest posts for learning how to tweak, update, root, overclock or unlock your Android based device.

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