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Reset Galaxy Note N7000 flash counter and recover warranty

As you may know, Samsung has a flash counter or binary counter in their newer devices, so they can tell if the user has flashed any unofficial ROM or kernel. This counter voids your warranty, if it’s higher than 0, though we can help you get rid of it, fortunately.

There are multiple ways of resetting the flash counter, though the easiest one is flashing a specific kernel which does a great job resetting it. The problem is many have bricked their devices using this kernel, though we suppose your device is still damaged if you want to recover the warranty.

So the solution is pretty easy: you have to flash this kernel and then a stock ROM, so that you will get the stock recovery back.

How to flash the ICS kernel and recover warranty and reset flash counter

Like I told you before, there’s a kernel that can restore your binary counter. But please note that it can permanently brick your device, so you are doing it on your sole responsability. I’ve used it a few times without doing anything to my device, but the risk is still high, as many reported that this kernel bricked their Galaxy Note N7000.

If you are sure you want to do it, then you will have to download the kernel here and Odin 1.85 here. Now make sure that your device is disconnected from your computer, turn it off and boot in download mode ( hold volume down, home, and power buttons simultaneously ). Now extract the downloaded kernel, open Odin and load the kernel as PDA. Connect your device to the computer and press start.

Once it finishes, reboot your device in download mode and check if your flash counter has been reset and the yellow triangle will also be gone.

If you still have ClockworkMod Recovery or another custom recovery, then you will have to proceed to the next step and install an official one.

How to flash a stock ROM

There are two ways of doing this: You can fully flash an official ROM, or begin flashing and pull out the battery when it reaches about 50%. I recommend the second method because it will look like a Kies update failed, which is not your fault.

So head over to SamMobile and download an official ROM for your Galaxy Note N7000. Then reboot in download mode again, open Odin, load the downloaded ROM as PDA, connect the device to your computer and press start. If you pull the battery when it reaches about 50%, your device will look like the official Kies update failed and the flash counter wll show 0. This should guarantee a device or motherboard replacement.


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  • JFlawyer

    If you complete the flash of the official ROM, won’t that also reset the conter? So why pull the battery halfway?

    • Yes, it will. But proofs that you flashed custom ROMs might still be present on your device.
      But if you do it and your emmc is damages, then Samsung Service won’t be able to access it anymore, so the proofs are gone.

  • carl

    i dont have the sign on my phone, but it is hard bricked. i tried formatting the internal storage after root through cwm, will samsung replace the handset do you think? also will i be able to recover any files from the device…thanks in advance for your help (amusing i get some lol)

    • They will most probably replace your motherboard.

  • strangermyself

    I tried rooting my note using odin and the guide from rootyourgalaxynote.com. I ended up with note not booting that displays just the model and the yellow triangle. From there I can only go to download mode. Obviously the counter too is not at 0 anymore. Is it bricked?Can I get it to work again flashing a stock rom. Or it needs anyway motherboard change or other hardware assistance.

  • prasanna

    just download traiangle away in play store its working

  • i tryed it but isent it work My flash count is on 9 & i m on SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE GT- N7000 on boot i cant boot my phone completed

  • anonimulus

    my phone is bricked… I can’t flash any ROM…
    I reset my counter with that special kernel .. but I still got the CWM…
    How can I get ride of the CWM and have a “clean” phone?
    I want to send it to Samsung

  • satven

    my phone galaxy note bricked…what to do next to recover the same

  • Mohan raj

    Guys i followed this way , And then i went to the service centre and said i was updating through kies and my phone restarted automatically n showed the kies update failed Screen ! THE GUYS IN THE SERVICE CENTRE SAY THAT THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MANUALLY UPDATED FIRMWARE and my binary counter is still in o and its in samsung official . So plzzzzzz help me !

    • Unfortunately we can’t help you, but you should try talking to a manager. You definitely are allowed to update your device through Kies and as long as they didn’t get any proof that you did an unofficial update, they MUST fix it.

  • Naman

    I did root my device and then by mistake did all wipes and !!!! Phone got an emmc brick. Now i tried to unbrick it by flashing diff .Pit file method it did start again. But now whenever i try and update an official rom it again gets bricked. I cant stay on 4.0.4 all my life. Now my question is after doing this method can i flash custom rom and use my phone?? If yes which stable rom do you suggest…..Please help??????