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Restart HTC U11 into Android Safe Mode

We all know that the Android system is not the most stable platform available. But, if you know how to smartly resolve all the minor issues then you can always use a stable and a smooth system regardless of the apps or processes you choose to run on your HTC U11. Well, during this dedicated tutorial we will discuss about the main problems that might cause malfunctions on the HTC U11. Additionally, I will also teach you how to enter the Android Safe Mode, which is the environment from where you can troubleshoot most of these issues.

The Android Safe Mode is the environment from where you can determine what’s wrong with your smartphone. You can decide whether to apply further troubleshoot solutions in order to try to resolve soft related problems, or to isolate a hardware related problem situation during which you should take your handset back to service and ask for an experienced assistance.

Usually there are certain apps or processes that are causing malfunctions on your HTC U11. For example, you can download an inappropriate tool from Google Play, or you can accidentally download a malware, or you can even apply a buggy update. On other situations a process might get stuck or a custom tweaking procedure might cause different issues. Overall, there are various reasons why your HTC U11 might get soft bricked.

And the most common problems that might interfere with your daily work are the following ones: general lags, bugs and hangs, boot loops, errors, alerts, screen freeze, battery drain, heating situations, signal strength problems and even total blackouts.

Now, when noticing that something isn’t running as expected it’s important not to panic. What you should do instead is to access the Android Safe Mode in order to isolate the problem and for trying to fix the malfunction. The main idea is that in Safe Mode all third party apps are temporarily deactivated which means that if your smartphone runs without any issues while in Safe Mode the problems are caused by a third party tool and a hardware issues is out of question.

So, overall, the Android Safe Mode is quite similar with what we already use on our Windows powered machines. There, the Safe Mode is bringing the computer into an state that can be used even when everything else isn’t. Also, from Safe Mode you can choose to uninstall certain programs and install others in order to fix the Windows platform. Well, that’s what you will do on Android too.

Thus, accessing the Android Safe Mode is an official process that can be anytime performed without having to use complex or risky procedures. The environment is featured by default within the Android core system therefore the steps from below will work even if you already tweaked your HTC U11 – you can enter safe mode if your Android device is rooted, running on a custom ROM, is powered by a custom recovery image or if it’s running on an unlocked bootloader.

Being an official process this operation won’t void the warranty of your phone. Moreover, the reboot sequence can be completed within seconds even by the most inexperienced user. However, since we are talking about troubleshoot solutions, before doing anything else you should save your personal data, info, accounts and files – of course, save your data if that’s still possible. You can try to secure your files by syncing everything with your Google Account or with other official cloud storage platforms, or if you prefer, you can use dedicated backup and restore tools from Google Play instead.

Regardless of the state in which your HTC U11 is currently found, before trying to address its issues you should first plug in the charger. Do that even if you cannot check its battery power – if you can, plug in the charger only if the remained power is lower than 50%. If the power is too low your device will get turned off in the middle of the troubleshoot initiative situation during which you can only manage to mess things even worst.

How to Restart HTC U11 into Android Safe Mode

Method 1

  1. This method works if your phone is turned on.
  2. So, while your device is running start pressing (and also holding down) the Power button in order to bring the Power options.
  3. Now, tap and keep tapping on the Power Off option.
  4. A dialog box should be displayed asking you if you want to Reboot to Safe Mode.
  5. Tap Ok and wait while the reboot operation is being automatically completed.
  6. That’s all; your HTC U11 will run in safe mode.
  7. You can go back to Android mode by rebooting your smartphone.

Method 2

  1. This method will work if your device is switched off.
  2. Press and hold the Power button for a few moments.
  3. When the HTC logo will be displayed start pressing and then hold the Volume Down key.
  4. That’s it; in the end your HTC U11 will be restarted into Android Safe Mode.


There you have it; those are the methods that can be used for restarting Android Safe Mode on the HTC U11. Do tell us how you managed to troubleshoot the problems that were causing malfunctions on your device and also stay close for more Android related tips and tricks that are available for the HTC U11 – in that matter, just take a look over our how to section. Enjoy.