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Root Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 using Qemu Automated Root Utility by sparkym3

Root Kindle Fire HD 7 using Qemu Automated Root

A couple of days ago, we’ve posted a working root guide for the Kindle Fire HD but it seemed to be somewhat too hard to apply. However, sparkym3, who is a Recognized Developer at XDA, managed to create a full automated tool called Qemu, application that you can use to root your Fire HD 7 much more easily.

Use the instructions that I have listed in this article and you will learn how to use the application and how to successfully root your brand new Amazon tablet. Rooting your device is easy with it and you will gain access to all system files, use root-based apps, change various system functions and features.

This is an easy to apply guide. Note that it isn’t necessary for your computer to have the ADB or the Android SKD installed on it, as all the files you need are listed in the tutorial below. However, if you have SDK and ADB installed then it is OK, as it won’t interfere with the root process.

Note that you shouldn’t have any other Android device, besides the Kindle Fire HD 7, connected to your PC. The root will be applied with help from sparkym3’s local.prop root method.

IMPORTANT: Create a backup of all files that are currently stored on your tablet. Do not apply this root if you didn’t create a full ROM backup. There were some reports stating that the Wi-Fi radio stopped working after using this tool, which is why this guide should be used only by advanced Android users.

Do not attempt to use Qemu Automated Root Tool with other Android devices.

Now that you’ve read all of the above, I think that you should move to the tutorial guide. Post all your extra questions in the comments section, at the end of this post. Also, you should let us know if this method worked without problems.

How to root Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model using the Qemu Automated Root Tool

  1. Download the Qemu zip file from HERE. Save it on your computer’s desktop.
  2. Next, download the ADB Drivers for Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet from HERE. Place it on the same location as the Qemu root zip.
  3. Now you need to extract all contents of the above zip files and place them in the same folder. Place the folder on your computer’s desktop.
  4. You need to enable ADB from your device’s settings menu. Open ‘Menu’, then open ‘more’, then ‘Settings’ and then select ADB and enable it.
  5. Connect your Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 tablet to your PC using the original USB cable.
  6. Open the QemuRoot folder and launch the RootQemu.bat file.
  7. The app will launch and in order to root the tablet, you will need to press 1 and then Enter.
  8. Now the Qemu Root tool screen will guide you through the rest of the process and you will end up completing it and applying successfully the root on your Kindle Fire HD 7 device.
  9. That’s it.

I hope that this guide helped you root your device. Note that this method won’t unlock the device’s bootloader, which means that you should wait until such guide is made available before thinking about flashing any custom ROMs on your Kindle Fire HD 7-inch model. If you have any other questions or in case you cannot apply the root, then you should tell us in comments.


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