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Root Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 using Motochopper Utility

Those of you who purchased a Galaxy S4 model numbr I9505 are now capable of gaining root access using the instructions listed in this post. Make sure to read the entire post and don’t skip any steps as that will result in a failed attempt.

This root has been released by ‘djrbliss’ on the XDA forums and it has been confirmed to work with various variants of the I9505 phone. XDA thread can be viewed here. This is not a final rooting tool for the Galaxy S4 I9505 and you shouldn’t use it in case you’re unsure about completing the tutorial successfully.

Remember that such tools as the Motochopper root application might end up bricking your phone and it would be better not to use this tutorial in case you don’t know what you’re doing.┬áIn order to make sure that you successfully root your phone with this guide, you will first have to take a look over the preparation instructions below:

  • use this tutorial only with the Samsung Galaxy S4 model number I9505. Don’t try to root the I9500 model using this Motochoper tool.
  • the I9505 variants working with this guide are the AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The Verizon variant is not confirmed to be working with it.
  • create backups of all important files that are currently stored on your phone.
  • enable USB debugging option from the Android Developer Options.
  • disable all the antivirus applications from running on your computer.
  • make sure that the USB drivers are installed on your PC.
  • this is a guide for advanced Android users.
  • don’t use this tutorial if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • you can’t blame us in case something goes wrong and you lose any important data in the process.
  • don’t skip any steps that are listed in the tutorial.
  • make sure that your phone’s battery is fully charged and that it won’t switch off in the middle of the rooting process.
  • read the entire post before starting the installation.
  • this guide will root the official stock firmware and it won’t change any other parts of the operating system.

These were all the guidelines you had to go over and now you can continue to the next part of this post and learn how to properly flash a brand new rooted firmware for your smartphone.

Warning: There is no custom Recovery nor stock image for this phone, which is why you might not be able to repair it in case something goes wrong and the phone dies on you. That is why you should only use this guide if you’re an advanced Android user. Don’t even think about using this guide if you’re a novice and you don’t know your way around Android smartphones.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 on Android 4.2.2 JB using Motochopper tool:

  1. Download the Motochopper root for I9505 Galaxy S4 from HERE.
  2. When the download is complete, you will have to extract its contents. Save them on your desktop in a single folder.
  3. Connect your smartphone to your PC using the USB cable. NOTE: Make sure that the USB Debugging option is enabled.
  4. Open the folder you created at step 2.
  5. Double click the file named ‘run.bat’ (for Windows computers only). For Linux or Mac OS X users you should launch the terminal window and launch execute the ‘./run.sh’ file.
  6. Confirm that you wish to use ADB connection from your PC to your smartphone.
  7. Wait for the process to be completed and that should be all.
  8. Disconnect the phone from PC when done.
  9. Test and install new applications that require root on your phone and tell us in comments if they work.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to complete this tutorial.

If you want to confirm that your smartphone has been successfully rooted, you will need to open the Google Play Store and install the Root Checker application, you can use any application you wish. Also, you can check the App drawer and check for the SuperUser icon. If the SuperUser is listed then it means that the root has been achieved.

In case the tutorial doesn’t help you then you can ask for more help in comments or, you can choose to open the XDA thread and get help straight from the root developer.