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Root AT&T Galaxy Note 2 I317

The Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T has been launched, and users who wish to flash custom ROMs and other files on their devices should use this guide and add root access. It has been achieved by ‘turilo’, an XDA member.

Use this tutorial only if you’re an advanced Android user. Note that this root will activate the flash counter of your device and this will void your warranty. In order to complete the root successfully, you will first need to read the instructions I’ve listed under the preparation guide. You shouldn’t attempt to root your device in case you don’t know what you’re doing as that might result in a failed attempt and you’re device can be easily bricked in case you will flash a wrong file.

Here’s what you need to know before moving to the tutorial:

  • Use this guide only to root the AT&T variant of Galaxy Note 2 with the model number I317. Do not attempt to flash these files on any other device. Check your phone’s model version by opening Settings and then the ‘About phone’ menu.
  • The computer that you’ll use to root your phone should have the USB drivers for you phone installed. Without these you cannot flash the root files. You can install KIES and this program will add the necessary drivers or you can choose to download them using these links: Windows 32bit X86 USB drivers | Windows 64bit X64 USB drivers. Note that the KIES software should not be running while you’re applying the root.
  • Enable USB Debugging option on your phone.
  • Charge the battery of your phone so that it won’t power off in the middle of the rooting process.
  • Note that we cannot be held responsible in case you brick your phone. Also, don’t blame us in case you’ll lose any data files.
  • Apply all the steps that I’ve listed in this tutorial and don’t skip any of them. In case you’re having trouble in completing this guide, then you should tell us in comments and we will try to give you new solutions.

These are all the extra instructions you had to read and now you should move to the tutorial. If you hit into any roadblocks, then you should leave a detailed comment at the end of this post.

How to root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I317:

  1. Download the root files for Note 2 from HERE. Save the file on your PC.
  2. Connect your smartphone to your PC and then move the CWM-SuperSU zip file on its internal SD card. Disconnect the phone from PC after the transfer is complete.
  3. Get the CWM recovery file from here.
  4. Download ODIN 3 v3.04 from HERE. After the download is finished you should extract its contents and save it on your PC desktop. You will get 4 files.
  5. Power off your smartphone and boot it into Download Mode. To boot this mode you should press at the same time ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’. The phone will power ON and then you can see a menu that tells you to press ‘Volume up’. Press that button to boot into Download Mode.
  6. Go to ODIN folder and launch the ODIN exe file.
  7. Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB cable. ODIN should say ‘Added!!’. If  ‘Added’ doesn’t appear then you should try to change USB ports and then see if it works. Alternatively you can choose to re-install the USB drivers for your phone, and then return to this tutorial.
  8. In ODIN, select ‘PDA’ and browse your PC for the CWM Recovery file. It is the file downloaded at step 3. Load it into ODIN and do not change any other default settings of the program. Move to the next step.
  9. Press ‘START’ button and now you have to wait until the process of installing CWM Recovery is complete. After that ODIN will say ‘PASS’ and the phone will reboot. Unplug the phone from PC when that happens.
  10. Now your phone will restart. Power off the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 and move to the next part of this tutorial, which tells you how to apply the final root files.

NOTE: In case ODIN freezes or it says that the installation attempt has failed, then you have to close ODIN, power off your phone by removing its battery. Re-insert the battery and then repeat the entire tutorial above until the files are installed.

Here’s how to apply the root files:

  • Power off your AT&T Note 2 I317 and make sure that it is connected to your computer.
  • Boot into CWM Recovery mode by pressing at the same time: volume up, home and power buttons. When the display flashes you can release the buttons.
  • Use the volume rocker buttons to select ‘install zip from sdcard’. After that select ‘choose zip from sdcard’.
  • Find the ‘CWM Super SU.zip’ file and confirm that you want to install it.
  • When the installation is complete you need to return to the main recovery screen.
  • Select ‘reboot system now’ and your phone will restart.
  • That is it, your device has been successfully rooted.

Check to see if your AT&T Note 2 is rooted. Look for the SuperSU icon in the Android’s App drawer and if this app is listed then the device has been rooted. Now you can flash new custom ROMs and other customizing and enhancing tools that will improve the overall performance of your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  • Mr Silver

    I went through the install procedure and got a rooted phone. Awesome.

    I had the following problems you may want to note: I have Windows 7 64-bit. The 64-bit USB drivers give the error “Gadget Serial – something”. However they do allow me to copy the zip onto the SD card in spite of this error. But Oden does not say “Added”. I uninstalled the USB drivers and installed KIES. This time Oden worked and said “Added” as required. But with KIES you can’t seem to get to your SD card – ?? Unless there is some menu option I havn’t found yet. After rooting the phone KIES not longer works. No matter, I have no intention of using KIES.

    I uninstalled KIES and then re-installed the 64-bit usb drivers again. Now I can see my SD card again when I plug the phone into to USB cable. It still gives that error but the error doesn’t seem to prevent copy files to or from the SD card. So it isn’t a problem.
    Basically, the rule seems to be use the 64-bit drivers downloadible from the link you gave whenever you need to copy files, but for using Oden rather use a full installation of KIES.

  • is there anyway you make a short video of the rooting process please !

  • coops

    is there one of those USB things for mac os? i just got my device and i want to root it

  • Thanks for sharing , I did it

  • AbbieH5

    Thank you so much for this awesome walkthrough. I really just wanted to root my phone to use an AD blocking app but I couldn’t find any guides for my AT&T phone until I found this one. It was all easy and painless though I did encounter the same problem Mr Silver commented about with Win 7 64-bit. But after installing Kies my computer found the drivers and Odin worked just fine and now my phone is free of ads. Thanks again for being awesome.

  • glenn pickett

    i got through everything fine until the end when you have to install the custom rom it just says downloading there is no options for me to navigate through to install anything

  • darnell

    My phone does not boot into CWM, instead it boots into android system recovery. Why is this? I followed all of the steps above.

  • Could you please fix the links for the root files for Note 2 (#1 on your list above) and for the ODIN 3 v3.04 (#4 on your list above) (or re-upload them), the third link is still correct and the CWM recovery file (#3 on your list above) can still be downloaded. Thanks in advance.