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How to Root Galaxy Gear 2 using Odin

If you thought that gaining root access is a process that is compatible only with Android based smartphone and tablets you should reconsider your premises as you can anytime root your smartwatch too. In that matter, in case you own the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, during the following guidelines I will show you how to easily root your watch using Odin, a dedicated program that works only for Samsung branded devices – but more about these aspects will be discussed during the lines from below, so take a look over the same.

As you might know, gaining root access represents a complex operation that is also unofficial. Basically by rooting your Galaxy Gear 2 you will be able to tweak your smartwatch and to gain administrator rights over its internal system. That can be extremely useful especially if you are an advanced user who wants to improve the performances and the battery life of your device and who wants to add new features, apps and capabilities to the same. So, rooting your Gear 2 implies in unlocking the system of your watch and in removing the default or factory restrictions from its internal system.

Therefore, after completing this root procedure you will be able to remove bloatware and other in built apps, customize the Samsung’s Tizen interface, improve the speed of your device, upgrade the Galaxy Gear 2 battery life, free up storage space, update with a custom ROM firmware, turn off the camera shutter sound and add in custom ringtones along with other features and apps. As you can see, rooting your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is a must, but only if you think that you can take your device to a higher level of performance, or else performing this operation will be in vain.

Moreover, you should also be careful when applying the root procedure because the warranty of your watch will be void – since the root process isn’t official (it has nothing to do with Samsung, so if you end up in soft bricking your device, you will be by yourself). In that matter, read all the guidelines from this tutorial and don’t perform things by yourselves.

As already pointed out, this root operation will be completed by using Odin, which is a program that is developed and offered by Samsung – thus you won’t have to use complex or risky procedures in order to safely gain root access on your Gear 2. But, before heading to the proper steps, you do have to take care of the following tasks:

  • Use a Windows based computer as Odin can run only on the same.
  • Also, on your PC install the Galaxy Gear 2 USB drivers, or else you won’t be able to complete this tutorial.
  • Furthermore deactivate – only temporarily – the antivirus and any other security tool from your computer.
  • Charge the battery of your smartwatch before going any further – do that if the battery status displays less than 40% power left.
  • Apply this step by step guide only if your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 runs on R380XXU0BNE5, R380XXU0BNDD and R380XXU0BND8 firmwares. Do not try this if you are running the listed firmwares.

How to Root Galaxy Gear 2 using Odin

  1. Download Odin on your computer.
  2. Also download the root package from this page (the root file is provided by those of xda-developers so we should thank them for this guide).
  3. Unzip Odin and install the programs by following the on-screen prompts; also unzip the root file on your computer (preferable on desktop).
  4. Enter your Gear 2 in download mode: first turn off your watch and then press power, volume down and home buttons at the same time.
  5. On your computer run Odin and then connect your Gear 2 with your PC via USB cable.
  6. Once the connection established on Odin the “added” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section will turn yellow or blue – if not, try to reinstall the drivers on your PC and then retry the steps from above.
  7. From Odin click on the “PA” option and then pick the root file from your computer.
  8. Without making any other changes on the program, click on “start” and wait while the root process is being completed.
  9. In the end, on Odin the “pass” message will be displayed and the ID:COM section will be turned green.
  10. You can unplug the USB cord and reboot your smartwatch.

That’s it; you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. If you have questions or if you just want to share your experience with us, don’t hesitate and use the comments field from below – of course, in case you have problems, we will try to assist you as soon as possible.