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Root Galaxy Note that runs on Official Android 4.0.4 XXLRG Firmware

The Galaxy Note N7000 users from Germany just received the latest OS update released by Samsung, the Android 4.0.4 XXLRG. The firmware is promised for several countries and markets, but since now, Germany is the lucky one. Anyway, I have showed you the manual method in which you could update any international Note with the XXLRG software, so now you should know how to root the same. We will be checking in how to root the Android 4.0.4 XXLRG system in the easiest way possible therefore read the next lines and give it a try.

This step by step guide is designed to work only for the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 devices, so don’t apply it for similar handsets because you can damage the internal system, or worst, you can brick it. Also, this operation isn’t provided by Samsung so be careful in what you do and try to follow the steps from this tutorial. Don’t do things by yourselves as bad things can happen. I will be showing you how to backup the data too, just for avoiding any unpleasant situations that might occur. That being told, we should be starting the proper procedure.

First of all, be aware that once you root the Note, you will lose the Samsung warranty. A root process means that you will be making changes into the system. In a few words it will be unchained from the factory restrictions, giving you more access to the same. You will be able to customize and optimize the OS by your own taste, by installing complex applications that requires root access, flash custom ROMs or beta firmware. So, the warranty will be void. In case you want it back, you can follow our previous guide from where you can learn how to apply the official Android 4.0.4 XXLRG ROM on your Galaxy Note N7000.

As already stated, by performing this operation, the data which is saved on the Note’s internal memory will be corrupted. Therefore you will lose all of your personal info, from text messages, contacts, apps to internet settings and calendar details. That’s why you must backup the same. I recommend you to use a custom recovery image for the backup procedure along with some free distribute apps which can be downloaded via Google Play; these will help you to easily and safely perform a full backup and a proper restore of all your data. For more details you can search through our guides or you can click on the links from above.

Remember that you must root the Note if you want to make other things with it. So, if you want to power up the performances by installing a custom ROM the root aspect is a must have one. There are many advantages that come with a rooted system, but I know you are aware of that. Therefore I will pass through this section. The next to talk about are the pre requisites. It’s extremely important to complete them, or else you will have problems while trying to root the Galaxy Note that runs the official Android 4.0.4 XXLRG Firmware.

  • Backup the data as mentioned above.
  • Ensure that you are applying this tutorial only for the Note, model number N7000.
  • On the computer you will use and on your smartphone deactivate the security programs like Firewall and antivirus.
  • If your phone has less than 60% battery power left, charge it first.
  • On the handset enable the USB debugging option.
  • Install the proper drivers on the computer: 32 bit Windows from here; 64 bit Windows from here.
  • You can root the Note only if it has an external SD card.

Now you know all the details needed for the root operation. You are prepared for the steps that fill follow so go ahead and start the same. Read all careful and follow my directions.

How to Root Galaxy Note that runs on Official Android 4.0.4 XXLRG Firmware

  1. Download the CWM file from here.
  2. Download the SUPERSU-Busybox-Installer file from here.
  3. Save both of them on your computer.
  4. Now, connect the phone with the PC via USB cable.
  5. Copy the CWM file to the external SD card and the SUPERSU-Busybox-Installer.zip to the internal storage memory of your device.
  6. Disconnect the smartphone.
  7. Reboot it.
  8. Enter in recovery mode while rebooting by holding on the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons.
  9. Select “apply update from sd card”.
  10. Confirm.
  11. From recovery mode choose “install zip from sd card” and “choose zip from sd card” and pick the SUPERSU-Busybox-Installer.zip file you downloaded before.
  12. In the end, select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.

That was pretty all. The manual method in which you can root the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 that runs on the official Android 4.0.4 XXLRG Firmware. Unfortunately, this tutorial can be applied only if you have a Note that features an external SD card. If not we will soon bring a guide that will use Odin instead. Therefore, stay close and check for further Android related tips and operations. Also, if you had problems in understanding the steps from above, tell us and we will try to resolve the issues.

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