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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini I8190

Even though the Galaxy S3 Mini has been released not long ago, now there is a way from which you can learn how to root its system. The method is being provided by those of xda-developers, so we have them to thanks for the following tutorial. This root operation is not hard to complete though there are a lot of steps to take care of, but until the one-click method will be made available for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the present one should be just perfect. Well, I guess that we should get started.

First you must be sure that rooting the Galaxy S3 Mini I8190 is the operation you want to perform. I’m saying that because most of the users are applying the root process without knowing in how this will affect their devices and finally they end up in regretting their action. Therefore, you should know that a root operation must be completed only if you want to take full advantage of your Galaxy S3 Mini. By rooting you will make changes into the internal system of your handset, so if you are not planning in powering up the performances or the looks then you shouldn’t perform this tutorial.

A rooted system means that all the factory restrictions were removed. In this way you can gain access and control over your phone’s OS; you can install custom and complex apps (like CWM recovery) or flash custom ROMs updates for changing the default Android platform with a new customized and optimized one. The root operation is the first step to make if you want to personalize and optimize your Galaxy S3 Mini performances.

Regarding to the up mentioned facts, there is one negative aspect related to the root procedure. By rooting your S3 Mini I8190 you will void the warranty of your smartphone. That’s why, you must always follow and apply a suitable step by step guide; don’t do things by yourselves as you can end up in bricking your device. As a final tip, you can regain the warranty but only if you are willing to downgrade to the stock ROM. The same can be achieved by updating your S3 Mini to an official update released by Samsung.

Before heading to the proper steps you first need to apply the essential pre requisites. The preparation tasks are being presented and explained during the next list, so be patience and read the same (do not skip this section as this is the most relevant one).

  • In order to safely root your phone, the XXALK6 ROM must be running on your Galaxy S3 Mini. Go to “Settings -> About Phone” and check which the firmware version that is being installed on your smartphone is.
  • Then, it is recommended to backup the data. For rooting the S3 Mini you will have to use Odin so it is unlikely to lose any of your personal info, but for being sure that everything is happening as planned you should still perform a backup.
  • Then, on your phone go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging” and make sure that the last option is being checked.
  • The Odin program must be installed on a Windows running computer. On the PC that you will use and on your S3 uninstall all the security tools (antivirus and Firewall included).
  • You should also charge the battery if there is less than 50% power left.
  • And finally you must apply this step by step guide only for rooting the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini model number I8190; if you try to root another handset with the same method then you will brick your Android based device.

How to Root Galaxy S3 Mini I8190

  1. On your computer download the rooting package and Odin.
  2. The root package can be downloaded from here.
  3. For Odin use this link.
  4. Install Odin on your computer.
  5. Extract the root file on the Desktop.
  6. Then, on the computer open Odin.
  7. Turn off the S3 and enter the same in download mode.
  8. For that, reboot by pressing the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons at the same time.
  9. With the phone in download mode, connect the device with the computer by using the original USB cable.
  10. Once the devices are being connected on Odin the ID:COM section should be yellow.
  11. Also the “added” message should be displayed. If not you should re-install the drivers for your S3 on the computer and re-do the above steps.
  12. Up next, from Odin select “PDA” and pick the root file you have extracted before.
  13. Click on “start” for beginning the root operation.
  14. Wait until the process ends; when so, on Odin the “pass” message should be displayed.
  15. Unplug the USB cord and reboot your smartphone as we are done.

Well, that’s it for today; you have learned how to easily root the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini by using Odin. Probably during the following days, the one-click method will be provided so if you want an easier way for rooting your phone, stay close and check our daily posts. Use the comments area from below for sharing your impressions about this guide with us and with other users.

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  • jamal

    what exactly is the one touch method?
    is it safe?

  • Kelly mark

    The Rooting process is a complex operation, and that’s why that Galaxy
    S3 Mini I8190 rooting process must be done with specific attention. If
    something doesn’t work well, you can easily brick your device. So if,
    you want to root your device then you must be an Advanced Android User
    and know well what you do with your device.

  • jake20212

    the ID:COM doesnt turn yellow,please help.

  • FD Romano

    this software
    contains bugs. while the unrooted rom works flawlessly, the
    root-injected rom causes crashes of several apps ( contacts, email,
    messaging, youtube, etc ) and a process to stop: process.acore. it is
    very annoying. I replaced the contacts-, email- and messaging software
    with GO contacts, and -sms, and downloaded the Gmail app again from the
    app market. so far this works.

  • don

    followed the steps set out above – everyting happened as predicted – but the phone will not boot… help

  • orosman

    the zip file is corrupt is there somewhere else to get it?

  • Please I will like to know the new features that comes with os 4.1.2 on Samsung galaxy s3 mini. Can anyone help…

  • john

    Who let this author publish articles? He writes at a 4th grade level. Hard to understand. Ridiculous. What has happened to the days of quality educations and editors that ensure drivel doesn’t get published. FFS.

  • Dra6onX

    Think we just got hacked, run as described, but not rooted. think this is just hacking firmware.

  • Dimitris Roussis

    followed the instructions but now it keeps reseting all the time. it just turn on and off all the time. do toy know what the problem might is?

  • Sean Nosecondname

    Keeps rebooting. Now what?

  • Michael

    I see only window android.process.acore has stopped and I can’t do anything . Help !

    • ramo

      Same problem here did u find a solution?

  • Guest

    good job

  • Tom Ashton

    ok.. that was a BAD idea… phone is rebooting as soon as it loads now. any ideas please, anyone?

    • guest

      Bricked it

  • Dani

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  • alyan


  • This Guy is stupid, its meant to go blue

  • Marvin

    Oh men now my Samsung S3 Mini reboots everytime it starts up. 🙁 Your not helping at all. this article sucks !

  • Owen

    Easy solution for users whos device keeps on rebooting.
    -> Take out the battery.
    -> Put back in the battery. (Obviously…)
    -> Hold the “POWER”, “HOME” and “VOLUME UP” buttons.
    Keep them held in until a green android figure appears.
    -> Find the setting to factory reset/wipe the device.
    -> Scroll down, and press on yes. Wait until completed.
    -> Reboot the device.
    -> The device will be working, good as new.

    You must be an advanced android user in order to successfully root your device. This will stop your device been bricked beyond repair… Please make sure you know how to root the device before you just follow a random tutorial on the web.

  • ACriss

    Can someone help me ?
    After I do all the steps,I press start and this appears in the message box
    All threads completed ( 0 succeed/ failed 0)
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