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Root Galaxy S3 XXALE8 Ice Cream Sandwich Firmware with CF-Root Insecure Kernel

Galaxy S3 Root

The GalaxyS 3 has only been announced several weeks ago and it should be launched at the end of May. But, some guys from xda-developers have already managed to get their hands on the official Galaxy S3 ROM. They’ve managed to create a new kernel that can be rooted. This guide will help those who managed to get a SGS3 device for testing and wish to learn how to properly root it to be able to install new custom ROMs.

Chainfire is the guy who managed to repack the stock kernel by modifying some adbd binary files and adding support for adb root commands. SuperSU has been flashed manually and this edit allowed him to create a working root zip for Galaxy S3 even before the device’s official release date.

The bootloader doesn’t display any triangle on first boot after you’ve flashed the kernel. The download mode displays a different kernel flash counter that increases with every new custom ROM installed and, for the moment, the cause of this remains unknown and hopefully in the near future Chainfire will manage to find a way around the kernel flash counter forcing it to stop counting the custom recovery installations.

All these were applied on a release candidate firmware of Galaxy S3 and before the phone gets officially launched, the firmware might change. You should keep reporting back to our website for the latest news involving the Galaxy S3 and possible new kernel roots and custom ROM installations. Read the guidelines below before starting to flash the new kernel and before applying the rooting instructions:

  • first thing that you need to do is to install a new kernel, which is based on XX NEE ALE8 firmware and for the moment is labeled as ‘insecure’.
  • all steps should only be applied by advanced Android users and if you’re a noob then you should avoid this rooting guide.
  • you should create backups of all your important files by copying them on your PC.
  • enable USB debugging
  • make sure that your device is fully charged.
  • remember that we cannot be held responsible if you brick the SGS3 device.
  • disable or remove Samsung KIES.

That’s all you need to know, now let’s move to the tutorial guide. Make sure to carefully read all the steps and do not skip any of them.

How to install the ‘insecure’ kernel and then apply full CF-Root on Samsung Galaxy S3 XXALE8 Firmware:

  1. Download the ‘insecure’ kernel based on XXALE8 firmware of SGS3 from here.¬†Extract the contents of that zip file in a single folder. You should get a ‘.tar’ file.
  2. Download ODIN 1.85 from here. Extract its contents in a single folder. Move to the next step.
  3. Power OFF the phone and after that you need to boot into download mode.
  4. Boot in download mode by pressing and holding ‘volume down’ + ‘ home ‘ + ‘power’ buttons. Keep them pressed until you see the download mode logo.
  5. Press the Volume Up button to load the download mode.
  6. Now, connect your device to your PC and launch Odin executable.
  7. In Odin, click the ‘PDA’ button and then browse for the kernel ‘.tar’ file you downloaded and extracted at step 1.
  8. Click the Start button and wait for the new kernel to be flashed.
  9. After the kernel installation is complete, you will need to power ON the device as we will need to use the adb root commands.
  10. Download the ‘sgs3 root install’ zip file from here. This is required to install the SuperSU v0.89 utility. After the download is complete, extract the contents of the zip file and then make sure that ‘adb’ is properly working and then simply double click the file ‘install.bat’.
  11. Your device will now be restarted and after that SuperSU will install successfully. Look at these two pictures below:

Adb root Galaxy S3

Adb Remount Galaxy S3

Use the info shown in the above pictures to properly complete the installation of SuperSU. That should do it. After the device successfully reboots into its main homescreen it means that it has been successfully rooted and now you’re free to install a new custom ROM.

Please note that this root has been applied remotely and you cannot held anyone responsible if you brick your phone. If you have any tips and tricks please post them in our comments section.

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