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How to Root HTC Incredible S

The HTC Incredible handset can be rooted by only following and completing a detailed tutorial. The method which I will describe during the following lines is a complex one, but, if you will read all the steps carefully, you will be able to easily gain root access over your phone’s system. You will have to download some files, use a computer and your handset in order to flash the tools, so don’t try to perform the operation by yourselves as you can mess things up. There are also some pre requisites that need to be done, so I recommend you to read all the lines from this step by step guide.

By rooting your HTC Incredible S you will void the warranty. This is happening when you are making changes into the default settings, or when you decide to unchain the OS from the factory restrictions, so you have nothing to worry about. Anyway, try not to brick your device as you will be on your own. This is why you must always follow a tutorial, like this one of course. The warranty can be regained by applying the stock ROM, or by updating the smartphone with the official firmware (when it will be released), though the root access will then be revoked.

There are also positive aspects related to the root operation. The most relevant one is referring to the fact that once rooted, your Incredible S will be unlocked. And this is bringing numerous advantages for you and for your phone. You will be able to install a custom ROM, beta firmware and unofficial software, you will be able to make maintenance and restoration tasks, get apps that require root access, or improve the performances. So, this is the first step to make if you want to take full advantage of your smartphone.

I have to prevent you that during the below procedure, you will have to perform a full wipe of the system. So, if you have important info saved on your HTC Incredible S, it will be a good idea to back it up before rooting the system. There are ways for saving the market apps, contacts, text messages, calendar info, call logs and so on; don’t hesitate and backup all you need to. If you don’t know how, just search through our guides and you will find all the aspects needed. Some of the data can be saved by using a computer, but I recommend you to use dedicated tools instead.

Finally, we have the pre requisites. Here you will learn what to do in order to properly connect your Incredible S with the computer, how to ensure that nothing will interfere with our job and how to protect your device from shutting down in the middle of the procedure. Remember that you need to have access to a Windows running computer, to your smartphone and to its USB cord. Then, just do the things from the list:

  • Charge your phone or check if there is at least 60% battery power left.
  • Enable the USB debugging option from your handset. You can do this by going to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”.
  • On the PC and on the device you should deactivate all the security programs as it can interfere or even interrupt the process.
  • Remember to backup the data.

Apply this step by step guide only for a HTC Incredible S Android powered smartphone and not for similar devices as you can brick them. Also, read all carefully and follow the steps from below. In this way you can be sure that everything will go as planned.

How to Root HTC Incredible S

  1. In order to find the files quicker and to be able to flash them to your handset, on your computer you should make a folder (named it downgrade).
  2. In downgrade make another folder. Named it downgrade kit.
  3. Then, download the downgrade kit from here and save it to your computer.
  4. Extract the file into the folder named downgrade kit.
  5. Open the folder and run the “runme.cmd” executable.
  6. The, return on the downgrade folder and make another one; we will name it RUU.
  7. Download the file from here and save it to the RUU folder.
  8. Up next, connect the Incredible S with the PC and choose the “Charge only” option.
  9. On the “runme.cmd” just follow the prompts. If nothing is displayed run the executable again after connecting the phone.
  10. Then, go to RUU folder and run the file from there.
  11. The HBoot version should now be 1.12.0000; you can find the same of your phone at Settings -> About Phone.
  12. On your computer browser go to revolutionary.io page and select “download for Windows”.
  13. Download and extract the file.
  14. Give details like Operating system, name of your device, HBOOT version and serial number.
  15. A beta key will be provided.
  16. Note it down.
  17. With the phone connected run the revolutionary tool and enter the beta key.
  18. When asked about recovery mode, enter “y” and then press “enter”.
  19. Up next, disconnect your phone and reboot into Clockwork Mod Recovery.
  20. On your PC download the root file from here.
  21. Connect the handset with the PC.
  22. From recovery mode select mount sdcard and copy the file you just downloaded from the computer to the SD card.
  23. Return to the recovery mode.
  24. Then, select “install zip from sd card” and pick the root file.
  25. Wait until the process ends.
  26. Select “+++go back+++” and “reboot system now”.
  27. Done.

Well, that was it. That was the manual method in which you could learn how to root the HTC Incredible S that runs any version of Android firmware. You can now go and apply the update you want or flash the custom ROM you prefer as the system is unlocked and opened for changes. Do tell us if there are other things you will like to learn and we will come with suitable step by step guides. Also, tell us how things worked, or if you had any kinds of issues while trying to gain root access over your Incredible S.