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How to Root HTC One VX with One-Click method

If you are looking for an easy to apply root method that can be used for unchaining the system of your new HTC One VX then you are in the right place; this guide will take you through the rooting operation, the lines from below offering the perfect solution for a safe and fast root procedure. Furthermore, I will explain how to root the One VX by using the one click method, all being possible thanks to those of xda-developers who had developed and tested this tutorial for the first time.

When it comes to root operations there are a few problems because not all the users who decide to perform such a task knows what they are really doing. That why I will try to detail a little bit the things that are related with the root process. The same can be applied on our case and for your HTC One VX, so be patience and read all the lines from this tutorial; you might find it helpful.

First, gaining root access has nothing to do with HTC or with the carrier from where you have bought your One VX. Actually this is a complex operation and it is also unofficial. As you can already tell, by applying this tutorial you will void the warranty of your phone. But is this happening? Well, basically because you will make changes into the internal system by removing the factory restrictions, or default setting from the OS. In this way you can gain access and control over the operating system, so that you can customize and optimize the same.

But, if you want to customize and optimize the performance of your HTC One VX, you can’t just play with the system. There are dedicated apps and software that can provide the mentioned advantages though you can’t flash and use them without rooting the handset first. So, in order to give you an example, you cannot install a custom ROM firmware (which is a complex update) or a custom recovery app (CWM recovery) on a system that isn’t rooted. As you can see you have all the reasons for completing this tutorial.

The only negative aspect is related to the warranty. As mentioned it will get void, so if you’re not comfortable with this aspect, maybe it will be better to stop going any further. Anyway, the warranty can be restored but only if you want to downgrade to the stock ROM, or to update with an official firmware released by HTC and suitable with your One VX. Also, before starting to use the one click method for rooting the One VX, you should backup the data; it can happen to lose all of your personal info, therefore save the contacts, messages, call logs and everything else you need to.

This operation can be applied only if you can use a computer. The one click tool must be downloaded on the PC first and then by connecting your HTC One VX with the same you can start the rooting procedure. On your phone the USB debugging option should be enabled (go to “Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging”) and the battery should be charged (else the handset might get turned off in the middle of the process). Make sure that you are performing the present step by step guide only for the HTC One VX and not for similar devices because you can end up in bricking your Android based smartphone or gadget.

How to easily Root HTC One VX with One-Click method

  1. The first to start with is the download process.
  2. You must get the drivers for your phone by using the link from here.
  3. Then, you must use this link for downloading the one-click root package for your HTC One VX.
  4. Extract the root file on the Desktop.
  5. Connect the smartphone with the computer by using the USB cord.
  6. From the folder that will be displayed run the root.bat / root-linux.sh / root-mac.sh executable file.
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts.
  8. In the end disconnect the USB cable and reboot your phone.
  9. That’s it.

Congratulations, you have finally rooted your HTC One VX by using the one-click method. You can now install a custom recovery image on your device and even flash a custom ROM firmware. Stay close as during the following days we will bring Android 4.2 based custom software that can be applied on your One VX; don’t forget to tell us how things worked for you and if there were issues while trying to complete the above mentioned and explained steps.